This Indian man broke the world record for the longest wheelie stunt on an auto rickshaw

first_imgBy day Jagathish Mani might seem like a regular auto rickshaw wallah who safely gets people to their destinations on time, but what sets him apart is his unique side-wheel driving on his rickety auto rickshaw. In fact, this amazing skill fetched him a place in the Guinness Book of World Records. The 31-year-old from Chennai stuns onlookers with his jaw-dropping tricks including side wheelies which is performed on just two-wheels. His father taught him to drive the three-wheeler at a ripe age of 13 and he has been performing extreme stunts for over a decade now. Jagathish was forced to drop out of middle school after his father fell ill and take up driving the auto rickshaw as a full time profession to support his family. But he still kept his passion for stunt driving alive.He says, “I love the thrill when I race the auto on two-wheels. I enjoy doing that, nothing else excites me more than the stunts I do with my auto. It startles everyone. Onlookers stop and see me in awe as I drive the auto on two wheels. I have not learned the tricks from anyone. It if the result of my efforts and passion. I always loved driving at very high speed. I would dream of performing the stunts on bikes but since it was out of my reach, I thought to why not try stunts with the rickshaw.”Jagathis admits that it took a lot of practice and hard work to get where he is, “I knew the risk involved in the stunts and how perilous it could have been if gone wrong. But I was determined to excel in it. And despite sustaining minor injuries and even a broken arm after the auto toppled, I did not lose hope and continued practising.”advertisementHis skill has brought him accolades and he also performed for local TV shows which helped him earn some extra bucks by the side. His popularity drew attention of Guinness World Record officials after which he was called for the show “Guinness World Records – Ab India Todega” in Mumbai during which he set the record for the Furthest distance side-wheel driving on a motor tricycle at the Juhu Aerodrome.To achieve this daring feat, Jagathish had to remain on just two wheels for the entire attempt and travel a minimum of 1 km, but he doubled the requirement by driving a remarkable 2.2 km.Elated with his achievement Jagathis says, “It was one of the happiest days of my life. I got the chance to show the world what an auto-driver can do. I wanted to show everyone that wheelie even though dangerous is not deadly and should be looked as a sport. I am glad my talent has been recognised,”The talented side-wheel auto rickshaw stunt man is fully aware that he might not have sponsors but is positive that one day he will perform on international competitions and shows.last_img

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