Apples Canada map riddled with errors Ottawa and Toronto mixed up Quebec

TORONTO — Apple seems to be a little confused when it comes to Canadian geography.Consumers who hit to pre-order one of the company’s new iPhones and clicked on a link about delivery timelines saw an error-riddled map of Canada.Apple appeared to have mixed up the nation’s capital and Ontario’s capital, and placed Ottawa roughly where Toronto should be on the map.Edmonton is also seen to be northwest of Calgary, instead of northeast.Quebec City is mistakenly labelled as Quebec.And St. John’s, N.L. is missing its apostrophe.A comment from Apple was not immediately available.Apple’s map of Canada. Think they need to look at an actual map.— Marc S (@asmiroth) September 12, 2014Uh oh! #Apple might know phones, but it doesn’t know #Canada. Look at Ottawa and Toronto!— Lost Waldo (@LostWaldoTravel) September 12, 2014This isn’t the first time consumers have taken issue with Apple and its geography. When the company introduced Apple Maps in September 2012 with the launch of iOS 6 and iPhone 5 to replace Google Inc.’s mapping data, users complained of misplaced towns and landmarks, and unreliable route directions.In September 2013,  a glitch in the Apple Maps app on newer iPhones and iPads guided people up to a runway at a major Alaska airport instead of sending them on the proper route to the terminal. While the map stopped at the tarmac, wayward drivers continued across an active runway in two separate incidents.With files from Financial Post staff, The Associated Press

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