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Category: gzianuamasoamfuy Harper met Bruce Carsons former escort lover at 24 Sussex party

first_imgBy Kenneth Jackson and Jorge BarreraATPN National NewsBruce Carson took his former fiancee Barbara Lynn Khan to meet Prime Minister Stephen Harper on the grounds of his official residence during a going away party for the prime minister’s outgoing chief of staff Ian Brodie.Khan told APTN that she found Harper “approachable” and “friendly” during a conversation.A Conservative Party spokesperson confirmed Monday that Khan visited the grounds of 24 Sussex during the June 2008 garden party.Khan was deported to Canada from the U.S in 2006 on a felony conviction stemming from her part in running an escort agency in Charlotte, North Carolina.“I can confirm that (Khan) was at Mr. Brodie’s farewell party at 24 Sussex,” said Conservative Party spokesperson Alykhan Velshi, in an email. “That’s the only time we are aware of that she visited 24 Sussex.”Khan said her conversation with Harper dispelled in her mind the caricature of the prime minister often portrayed in the media.“I was surprised because Harper is portrayed as being cold and indifferent, which I did not see a hint of that evening,” said Khan.“Mrs. (Laureen) Harper was genuinely warm and an incredibly gracious hostess…Everyone attending was pleasant and the evening was an experience I will always remember.”Carson, a former senior adviser to the prime minister, is currently the focus of an RCMP investigation triggered by a request from the Prime Minister’s Office.Carson met Khan by chance on an Ottawa street shortly after she came back to Canada and was working as an escort. Their relationship ended last year after about four years.The PMO made the written request to the RCMP after an official met with APTN reporters investigating Carson’s lobbying activities for an Ottawa-based water filtration company. The company was seeking to sell its product to First Nations communities hard hit by dirty water.The company, H2O Pros which later formed H2O Global Group to deal with potential contracts, also had a financial agreement with Michele McPherson, a former Ottawa escort who Carson said was his fiancee.Carson met McPherson in March 2010 and Khan in 2006.APTN obtained emails written by Carson where he promoted the company to Indian Affairs officials. Carson also claimed to have inside government knowledge in the emails.Brodie was Harper’s chief of staff until he left the post on July 1, 2008.In an email to APTN, Brodie said he remembered Carson at the party, but not Khan.“I remember Bruce was there, but otherwise, can’t help,” said Brodie.The PMO referred questions about Khan’s presence at 24 Sussex to the Conservative Party.The PMO, however, continues to refuse comment on whether Carson, who had only Secret-level clearance, had access to Top Secret information on Afghanistan and on Canadian allies involved in the war.Quoting an anonymous source, the Toronto Star reported last week that Carson had access to Top Secret information after he was handed the Afghanistan file.“We don’t comment on security matters,” said the PMO in an emailed statement.Brodie told APTN he doubted Carson had access to Top Secret files, which were handled separately and securely.The Canadian Security Intelligence Service, Department of National Defence and Foreign Affairs all referred questions on the matter to the Privy Council Office (PCO).A PCO spokesman said there would be no comment on current or former employees.Harper has faced questions throughout the election campaign over how Carson could have obtained security clearance with five criminal convictions on his record and two bankruptcies.Harper has said he was only aware of Carson’s two criminal convictions in the 1980s, not the three convictions in 1990 uncovered by The Canadian Press.Harper said he would not have hired Carson is he knew the full extent of his criminal record.Carson, who told APTN he was a close friend of Harper, said he disclosed everything during the security clearance process, which was handled by mid-level PCO officials.kennethbrianjackson@gmail.comjbarrera@aptn.calast_img read more

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Category: gzianuamasoamfuy Costs of poor communication

first_imgI am 34 years old housewife. My husband is heading a reputed company. He doesn’t approve my association with his colleagues and friends. I feel lonely. What should I do?Mrs. T. Puri, New Delhi I strongly suggest you to do something on your own. Learn some skill or spend time nurturing some hobby. Your problem of passing time will be solved and you will feel independent too. This will also expand your world and you will meet more and more people, make new friends. When you have your own group your husband should not have any problem. May be he is not comfortable and you should respect his feelings. Go ahead, spend your life your way and don’t feel neglected or hurt. You have all the liberty to choose your path of happiness and friends. Also Read – Feel what you fear I am 42 and divorced. My husband left me for another woman. I am very scared to get into a new relationship. Now it is just hard to trust. How to come out from this terrible situation. Name withheld Blaming the men of the universe for a single person is really not justified. Now you will have to help yourself by deciding what you want in your partner. Your previous experience itself will help you a lot. For getting into another relationship, I would advise to keep both your eyes and mind open. It may be a good idea to visit a counselor and discuss the whole thing before taking any decision. That would help you in rescuing from the unnecessary burden of betrayal and help you move ahead positively. Also Read – HomecomingI want to be a good public speaker. But I feel very nervous when I have to talk in front of unknown people. Please guide. Rani Kumari, Noida If you are afraid to speak in public, don’t feel bad, you are not alone. Over 40 per cent of the adult population is. In fact, fear of speaking in public is one of the highest ranked fear that all people have. Don’t panic. If you take some time to plan it out, you’ll do ok. Preparation is the key. If you know what you are talking about, you won’t feel as nervous or flustered. Try to anticipate what questions others may have and be ready with an answer. Once you’ve done this, practice out loud somewhere by yourself if possible at first, then in front of a friend or coworker later if it’s important. Try to relax. Breathe deeply. Don’t say anything about being nervous to your audience.You may do better than you expect. Try not to speak too fast, semi slow and clear is the way to go. Keep things simple and to the point. Public speaking is a valuable tool you can learn and use throughout your life. The more you practice it and gain confidence the better you will get. Good luck! We are married for 7 months. It was an arranged marriage and I fear my wife is in a relationship. She isn’t accepting this and continues to be in touch with the guy. Should I allow her doing what she is doing or should I withdraw myself from the marriage before it gets dirty? Name withheld Sometimes we imagine things to be true only because we feel it is. The reality could be far away from the imagination. I suggest, you be a friend to her and ask her what she expects you to do in the given situation. Explain your fear, express your insecurity to her and give her a chance to express her point. You both need to be great friends for the marriage to work. With time the bond should become stronger and she should know that you understand and love her. Don’t suspect her and make it worse. Let her know that you respect her decision and would support her. I strongly believe, she wouldn’t let you down. Best wishes for a peaceful life ahead. (Send your questions to read more

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Category: gzianuamasoamfuy Pipe band raises cheer at China beer festival

Gordon Black reflects on a lifetime of playing bagpipes.“I was five years old, growing up in Scotland,” Black says in his still thick Scottish accent. “My father and brother were pipers, so it was kind of natural for me to fall into it.”He began teaching young people both in Paris and Port Dover in 1991. And, as the ranks grew, the two bands were amalgamated in 2000 into the Paris-Port Dover Pipe Band.In the 19 years with Black at the helm as pipe major, the band has earned a world-class reputation and is in demand far and wide.Black says the band may be better known in other parts of the world than here at home.“They don’t see us much here. Perhaps on parade on Canada Day, or a smaller performance at Applefest (in St. George), but I don’t think people understand what and who we are.”The pipe major rhymes off a list of destinations the band has been invited to play, including France, Holland, twice in Greece, four times in both Switzerland and the world championships in Scotland. The band has twice been invited to play on the floodlit esplanade of Edinburgh Castle in the prestigious Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo, with another invite in the works for 2021.The band has also performed at concerts by rock legends Rod Stewart and Paul McCartney.“We’re pretty well respected,” Black says.Life is slowly getting back to normal for Black after the band’s recent trip to China. Contracted to play for four weeks at the 29th annual Qingdao Beer Festival, Black is still in awe of the size of the event.“It’s bigger than Oktoberfest,” he remarks, adding the festival grounds are twice the size of Canada’s Wonderland north of Toronto. “It was a cultural experience for everyone. The food is different, and we were performing with groups from Mexico, Brazil, Russia, and Germany, even a bluegrass group from the United States. We were immersed in a lot of different stuff.”The pipe band did two performances each night, for 24 nights. Each show was 30 minutes or more, and the final nightly performance included a rendition of Queen’s We Will Rock You with Brazilian drummers and other performers joining in.“It was one big party,” Black recalls. “We tore the place apart. The Chinese just loved it.”A small break in the rigorous schedule came when the festival was evacuated for two days due to a typhoon. Confined to their hotel further inland, the band jammed with other performers.“It was hot,” Black says. “We were wearing our uniforms, the heat was 50 degrees every day. Before the typhoon came through it was unbearable, we were just drenched every night. But it was a spectacle and that’s what they paid us to do.”Black arranged to have the band’s wool uniforms dry-cleaned and pressed during the two-day break, but the tunics and kilts were returned wet and rolled up into balls. He spent the entire next day ironing all the kilts.The triumphs and tribulations of international touring behind him for another year, Black now turns his attention to the future.“Roughly 28 years I’ve been going at this,” he says. “I’ve got a couple of young guys who are stepping up to the plate, and I’m handing off more and more to them.While Black sees retirement on the horizon, he says he’ll still be involved, especially with instructing young pipers.And he’s planning something special for the pipe band’s 20th anniversary next year.“We’re taking it back to the Lighthouse Theatre” in Port Dover, hints the pipe major. “That’s where we started.” read more

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Category: gzianuamasoamfuy DR of Congo UN refugee and food agencies gear up relief efforts

This morning an aircraft from the UN peacekeeping mission in the DRC left the capital, Kinshasa, with 17 tonnes of relief items, a spokesman for the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) said in Geneva. The items will be ferried by helicopter to the town of Zongo, where some 15,000 refugees are occupying schools, churches and other public buildings. Yesterday, a UNHCR-chartered aircraft made several trips there, delivering tonnes of plastic sheeting, blankets, mats and jerry cans.Zongo is about 1 kilometre across the river border from the Central African Republic capital, Bangui. Up to 7,000 refugees also remain scattered across 20 villages along the DRC side of the Oubangui River, while another 3,000 to 4,000 gathered in the town of Libenge.Meanwhile, the UN World Food Programme (WFP) today launched an appeal for $2.1 million to fund an emergency humanitarian air operation in the DRC as part of the agency’s ongoing effort to widen access in that country.The six-month operation would enable aid workers to fly across the country’s frontlines to remote areas to assess the needs of war-torn populations and set up relief operations, WFP said.The first stage is expected to begin in early August and will be able to transport 19 passengers or two tonnes of light items, such as medicines, from Kinshasa to the eastern city of Goma.Since mid-June, WFP has flown crucial food aid to severely malnourished children in isolated areas of Katanga province. Its emergency airlift operation has so far delivered about 400 tonnes of food into four towns caught in the crossfire of armed factions but has been unable to reach two others due to insecurity and poor airstrips. read more

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Category: gzianuamasoamfuy UN Legal Counsel arrives in Lebanon to discuss tribunal over killing of

Nicolas Michel, who is also the Under-Secretary-General for Legal Affairs, will continue the ongoing discussions with the Lebanese authorities aimed at establishing the tribunal as called for by Security Council resolution 1664, spokesman Stephane Dujarric said. The 15-member Council adopted the resolution in March.The UN has been investigating the killings through the work of its International Independent Investigation Commission (IIIC), led by Serge Brammertz. Earlier this year the Council extended the investigation’s mandate through 15 June 2007.Mr. Hariri and 22 others were killed on 14 February last year in a car bomb attack in the Lebanese capital Beirut.In a detailed report to the Council in June on the IIIC’s work, Mr. Brammertz said the “fundamental building blocks for the investigation into the crime” were now largely understood “and provide the basis for investigative progress with regard to those who perpetrated the crime.” The IIIC was set up in April 2005 after an earlier UN mission found Lebanon’s own investigation seriously flawed and Syria primarily responsible for the political tension preceding Mr. Hariri’s murder. read more

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Category: gzianuamasoamfuy BBC apologises to Prince Harry for failing to warn him they were

The BBC has apologised to the Duke of Sussex for failing to warn him that they planned to publish graphic neo-Nazi propaganda calling him a “race traitor”. The corporation, which defends the decision to broadcast the image around the world, has written to the Duke about the “important piece of journalism”, which is said to have caused “great distress” to the Royal Family. The “very graphic” image, which showed Prince Harry with a gun to his head, raised “serious security concerns” for the Sussexes “specifically while his wife was nearly five months pregnant”, a palace spokesman said. After the Duke made a formal complaint to the BBC via aides, the matter was investigated by the corporation and Ofcom but found to have been in the public interest. The BBC has now written to the Duke to acknowledge that “before publishing seriously offensive material we need to be vigilant in balancing the impact on individuals against the wider good which may be served by publication.”A source said: “Naturally we regret the distress caused and we apologised for failing to warn Kensington Palace in advance that it was to be published.”  Ofcom received one complaint about the broadcast, but did not uphold it. A spokesman said: “This image was highly offensive, but in our opinion, its inclusion in the article was editorially justified as it was used to condemn and illustrate the racist group’s activities, which was in the public interest.”A BBC source said: “This was an important piece of journalism which led to the arrest, conviction and imprisonment of two members of a neo-Nazi group.  “The image of The Duke of Sussex was included to show the abhorrent nature of their behaviour and OFCOM has subsequently concluded that there was a clear editorial rationale for using the image which, in the context of the news report, was considered unlikely to incite crime.” Prince Harry Credit:Chris Jackson Prince Harry  A spokesman for the Duke said that, while he welcomed the letter, he “maintains that instead of reproducing the image and giving a platform to something that would have only been seen by a few, it should have just been described so that others would not potentially be influenced by such an inflammatory image”.  The picture, published on the BBC website and broadcast on the News at Ten in December 2018, is described by Ofcom as propaganda, and a “stylised collage image that depicted His Royal Highness, The Duke of Sussex with a gun pointed at his head” along with “a blood splatter, a swastika, and the text ‘see ya later race traitor!’.”It was published to illustrate an investigation into a far-Right underground group called the Sonnenkrieg Division headlined “British Neo-Nazis suggest Prince Harry should be shot”.At the time, the BBC’s decision to use the image rather than simply describe it caused deep concern in the Royal Household, with sources telling the Telegraph that it had been designed to spread online as propaganda and, thanks to the corporation, had “now been more successful than [its creators] could ever have imagined.”Since the story was published, two members of the the neo-Nazi group have been convicted. A spokesperson for the Duke of Sussex said: “His Royal Highness raised the issue with Ofcom about the re-broadcasting of this racist image due to his concerns that hateful and dangerous propaganda had been spread globally by the world’s most important public service broadcaster. “Due to the credibility of BBC, their choice to publicise this material created an open door for all other media to reproduce it. “The BBC, in reporting on the activities of this group which led to the conviction of two men, reproduced the propaganda material used by the group which raised serious security concerns and caused his family great distress specifically while his wife was nearly five months pregnant.” Tony Hall, director-general of the BBCCredit:Leon Neal The Duke has met with Lord Hall, the BBC director-general, in person to discuss the issue. Prince Harry recently spoke to Jane Goodall about racism and ‘unconscious bias’ in British VogueCredit:Chris Allerton Prince Harry recently spoke to Jane Goodall about racism and 'unconscious bias' in British Vogue Tony Hall, director-general of the BBC She added: “The BBC apologised for failing to warn The Duke that this distressing image was being broadcast on their ten o’clock news, and produced on-line.“However, His Royal Highness maintains that instead of reproducing the image and giving a platform to something that would have only been seen by a few, it should have just been described so that others would not potentially be influenced by such an inflammatory image.” Michal Szewczuk, 19, admitted two counts of encouraging terrorism and five of possessing documents that could be useful to a terrorist, and, Oskar Dunn-Koczorowski, 18, pleaded guilty to encouraging terrorism.   read more

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Category: gzianuamasoamfuy One in four children in Ireland are born to a nonIrish mother

first_imgA QUARTER OF all children born in Ireland in 2012 were born to a non-Irish mother, a new study has found.These results came as part of a new study conducted by Trinity College Dublin with a focus on second-generation children born to migrant parents.Speaking about the survey, principle investigator Dr Antje Röder said:There is now much greater diversity amongst young families in Ireland. This brings with it great opportunities, but also challenges that need to be addressed to ensure all children born in Ireland have opportunities to grow up to fulfil their potential.Interestingly, the study also found that it was more common for a child to have one migrant parent and one parent native to Ireland than to have two migrant parents.However, these ‘mixed’ couples were much more likely to come between UK born and the older EU member states. Relationships between an Irish parent and a partner from Africa, an EU accession state or Asia were less common.One of the themes highlighted in the study was socio-economic disadvantage experienced by groups of migrant parents. Families of second generation children were more likely to live in rented accommodation and apartments rather than houses.Parents from EU accession states, Asia and Africa were found to have higher levels of education but to be more frequently found in the semi and unskilled classes with a greater chance of encountering poverty.In the report, it was found that Irish mothers were more likely to return to work by the time the child is nine months than most immigrant mothers. The only exception to this were mothers from Asia, two thirds of those who worked prior to their pregnancies returning to work.The group least likely to return to work after a birth were mothers from EU accession states. In this group, less than one in four of those who had previously been in work returned to full time employment.READ: This glamour model sold tickets to watch her giving birth, and the internet went crazyREAD: After naming, will the government make paternity testing mandatory?last_img read more

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Category: gzianuamasoamfuy Electric Jets Are Coming And They Could Halve Flight Cost

first_img Amazon Employees Join Sept. 20 Global Climate WalkoutResearchers Transform CO2 Into Liquid Fuel Stay on target While there’s a lot of ways to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, people don’t often look to airlines as a place where we can still make improvements. After all, while some planes can go through gallons of fuel per second, they’re also many times more efficient. As a result, it’s often far worse to drive than it is to fly — plus you spend less time getting there. Despite that, there’s still a lot of gains to make. Just a few years ago we learned that winglets, small pieces of airplane’s wing that stick up vertically, can dramatically cut down on fuel use, for example.But one start-up, Zunum Aero, wants to start bringing hybrid and even fully electric jets into the equation. The Washington-based firm will focus on small regional jets that serve high-traffic, short-haul routes like LA to San Francisco. By cutting out some of the major operating costs and focusing on small aircraft, Zunum will be able to avoid the TSA and FAA regulations that drive up the costs of flights on larger craft.The company is already hard at work on their first plane. By the early 2020s, the company should have a fleet of 10-passenger hybrid-electric jets. And, according to the Verge, but the 2030s Zunum could have all-electric 50-passenger jets.“We’re entering the golden era where we’ll have high-speed links to every community on the backs of quiet, sustainable hybrid-electric technology,” CEO Ashish Kumar told Verge. “And that’s going to happen really fast.”With Kumar’s experience at tech giants like Google and Microsoft, as well as backing from aviation giants like Boeing, Zunum’s future may be a bright one. The hope is that the general business model will help offset the costs of the technology and help bring massive reductions in flight costs for Zunum-supplied routes. Kumar hopes that this will lead to a revolution in high-speed, short-range, cheap and environmentally conscious air travel.last_img read more

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Category: gzianuamasoamfuy Reliance Jio effect Indian telcos continue to register losses

first_imgMukesh AmbaniReliance Jio official website (screen-shot)It seems the disruption in the Indian telecom sector is far from over. With Reliance Jio Infocomm Ltd. announcing a series of new plans in the month of June along with its entry in the broadband fibre market, the fight is likely to get stiffer.In the May-June period, the company introduced post-paid tariffs plans that were less than half of existing offers from its competitors along with the cheaper international calling rates. These strategies have completely disrupted the entire telecom sector in India that is witnessing consolidations since last year. The competitors are feeling the heat from, the RJio’s aggressive stance.In the last quarter of the fiscal year 2017-18, the revenue of two of India’s largest telecom companies Bharti Airtel Ltd and Idea Cellular Ltd has declined. Bharti Airtel Ltd reported a loss in revenue of 3.7% while Idea Cellular Ltd witnessed a decline in revenue at 5.7%.Kotak Institutional Equities have estimated that their revenue is expected to further sink between 2.5% and 3% in the Q1, FY19 on an organic basis and itis expected to further increase in the current financial year. Idea Cellular logoIdea/FacebookAccording to Kotak’s estimates, the estimated loss of Idea cellular is Rs. 1,331 crore which is way higher as against the loss of Rs. 193 crore last year. The company’s estimated Ebitda (earnings before interest, tax, depreciation and amortization) of Rs. 817 crore contributes to only two-thirds ₹1,200 crore which is its estimated interest cost.Vodafone India Ltd’s financial condition is also lacklustre due to disruption created by the new entrant in the market.Meanwhile, RJio seems to be in no mood for any let-ups to its competitors as it upped the ante in the feature phone segment after it received a muted response to its JioPhone offering.In the smartphone segment also, Jio continues to make decent growth, as its overall base has raised from 215 million subscribers in early July, as against 186.6 million in end March.It is expected that as long as RJio is making new subscribers, it is unlikely that the current levels of the tariff would come down any time soon.last_img read more

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Category: gzianuamasoamfuy FATFs Asia Pacific subgroup blacklists Pakistan for terror funding

first_img Close Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan.Thomas Peter-Pool/Getty ImagesIn a massive victory for India, Pakistan has been blacklisted by terror watchdog Financial Action Task Force’s (FATF) Asia Pacific Group (APG). The APG — the global watchdog for terror financing and money laundering — has placed India’s nuclear-armed neighbour in the “enhanced blacklist” for its failure to meet global standards.The big development came after APG found terror state Pakistan non-compliant on 32 of the 40 compliance parameters on money-laundering and terror financing. The APG conducted a meeting at Canberra in Australia on Thursday, August 22, regarding a five-year mutual evaluation of Pakistan’s progress on upgrading its systems in areas of financial and insurance services and sectors.On 11 effectiveness parameters, Pakistan was adjudged as low as 10.On Wednesday, Pakistan had submitted the compliance report on its 27-point action plan to the FATF. Despite its efforts, the terror state was not able to convince the 41-member plenary to upgrade it on any parameter. However, Pakistan has to focus on avoiding the blacklist in October 2019, when the 15-month timeline ends on the FATF’s 27-point action plan.Earlier, Pakistan was grey-listed by the FATF following pressure from the US, France, Germany and the UK.Meanwhile, Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan has accused India of lobbying to get it blacklisted.”We tried really hard to normalise ties with India. But they [India] exploited the situation. They exploited the Pulwama [attack] for their elections. They have been lobbying to get us blacklisted by the FATF (Financial Action Task Force] as well,” said Imran Khan as quoted by a news agency.The Pakistani PM also accused India of creating a “war-like” situation similar to the post-Pulwama terror attack to divert the world’s attention from the Jammu and Kashmir issue.(With agency inputs) IBTimes VideoRelated VideosMore videos Play VideoPauseMute0:01/0:51Loaded: 0%0:01Progress: 0%Stream TypeLIVE-0:50?Playback Rate1xChaptersChaptersDescriptionsdescriptions off, selectedSubtitlessubtitles settings, opens subtitles settings dialogsubtitles off, selectedAudio Trackdefault, selectedFullscreenThis is a modal window.Beginning of dialog window. Escape will cancel and close the window.TextColorWhiteBlackRedGreenBlueYellowMagentaCyanTransparencyOpaqueSemi-TransparentBackgroundColorBlackWhiteRedGreenBlueYellowMagentaCyanTransparencyOpaqueSemi-TransparentTransparentWindowColorBlackWhiteRedGreenBlueYellowMagentaCyanTransparencyTransparentSemi-TransparentOpaqueFont Size50%75%100%125%150%175%200%300%400%Text Edge StyleNoneRaisedDepressedUniformDropshadowFont FamilyProportional Sans-SerifMonospace Sans-SerifProportional SerifMonospace SerifCasualScriptSmall CapsReset restore all settings to the default valuesDoneClose Modal DialogEnd of dialog window. COPY LINKAD Loading …center_img UN chief urges India & Pakistan to exercise ‘maximum restraint’ on Kashmir, recalls Simla agreementlast_img read more

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Category: gzianuamasoamfuy Syrian troops reach border crossing with Jordan

first_imgThis Thursday, 5 July 2018 photo provided by Nabaa Media, a Syrian opposition media outlet, shows smoke rising over buildings that were hit by Syrian government forces bombardment, in Daraa province, southern Syria. Syrian state media and a war monitor say government forces have captured new areas along the border with Jordan and are on the verge of reaching a main crossing between the two countries. Photo : APSyrian government forces on Friday reached a vital border crossing with Jordan and raised the national flag for the first time in years, state media reported, reinstating sovereignty over a key region that potentially reopens the way for Syrian exports to Arab countries.State news agency SANA said the capture of the Naseeb border crossing happened Friday afternoon after a deal was reached between rebels and Russian mediators to end the violence in southern Syria.The capture of the Naseeb border crossing is another victory for president Bashar Assad’s forces, who have regained control of most of the country’s key cities from insurgents in recent years with the help of powerful allies Russia and Iran. It came after a crushing government offensive that began 19 June  to retake southern Daraa province and the nearby Quneitra region that borders the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights. The assault has forced more than 330,000 residents to flee toward the sealed Jordanian border and the frontier with Israel in one of the largest displacements in the seven-year Syrian conflict. Dozens have been killed.Rebels seized control of the crossing in 2015, cutting a major lifeline for Syrian exports and disrupting a major trade route between Syria, Jordan, Lebanon and oil-rich gulf countries.There was no immediate comment from Jordan on the Syrian forces’ recapture of Naseeb crossing. On Twitter, Jordan’s foreign minister Ayman Safadi said Amman was holding talks with all parties to the Syrian crisis focused on ensuring the return of the displaced.”The solution is political and the protection of civilians, preventing their displacement and saving the (Syrian) brothers more suffering is everyone’s responsibility,” he wrote.Earlier on Friday, rebels said they reached an agreement with Russian mediators to end the violence in Daraa and surrender the Naseeb crossing point.Ibrahim Jabawi, spokesman for the rebels’ joint operations room, said under the agreement, insurgents will begin to hand over some of their heavy weapons in return for a government pullout from several villages.Jabawi added that Russian military police would deploy along the border with Jordan, including the Naseeb crossing, and that rebels opposed to the deal will be evacuated to rebel-held regions in northern Syria.The Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said 159 civilians have been killed since the offensive began two weeks ago, including 33 children.Friday’s agreement came after the bombardment of rebel-held areas intensified earlier this week after rebels rejected a deal with the Russians. The crushing new wave of attacks appears to have compelled the rebels to accept the deal.A Syrian man on the Syrian side of the border said he and his family have been camped out near the Jordanian border for 10 days after fleeing the bombardment and airstrikes. The 70-year-old, identifying himself only as Abu Mohammed, said Syrian troops were now heading for the border.”We are stuck here and God only knows what the regime will be doing now,” he said over the phone, with sounds of children around him.He said he was angry at Jordan for keeping its border closed “and watching us dying.” Bitterly, he added the Syrian army will now take over the crossing points with Jordan “so your (Jordan’s) economic interest will resume at our expense.”An Associated Press journalist on the Jordanian side of the border could see the Syrian side of the crossing known as Jaber, along with the former free zone, and some blue tents housing displaced people.Nabaa Media, an opposition activist collective, said the latest government assault on the area killed several people in the past 24 hours including a woman and her four children in a rebel-held village in Daraa. The agency posted a video showing what it said were the women and her children lying dead in a pickup truck.The UN children’s agency, UNICEF, said in a statement Friday it received “horrific reports” of an entire family including four children being killed. It said the latest deaths bring to 65 the number of children reported killed in less than three weeks in southern Syria alone.”In the largest wave of displacement to hit southern Syria since the start of the seven-year-long war, an estimated 180,000 children have been forced to flee their homes with little resource for protection, shelter or assistance,” UNICEF said.Earlier on Friday, the government-controlled Central Military Media said government forces now control most of the towns and villages on the eastern side of southern Daraa province.last_img read more

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Category: gzianuamasoamfuy Samsung Sets Up Note 7 Exchange Booths at Major Airports

first_imgThe Galaxy Note 7 is a complete disaster for Samsung. Not only has it been recalled once, but twice, and now it’s not going to be sold anymore. It’s even illegal to try and take one aboard a flight in the US and Samsung has had to ship out fireproof packaging in order for owners to safely mail back their faulty handsets.Now there’s another way to return your Note 7, and frequent travelers will be very happy to hear that Samsung is setting up Note 7 exchange booths at major airports around the world. Yes, that’s how big this problem is for Samsung–it needs manned booths at lots of airports.So far, the booths have been spotted at airports in Australia, South Korea, and the US, but more are sure to appear. An official customer service representative will be available at each booth to ensure your data is safely transferred off the fire-risk handset and on to another device. With Samsung actively trying to help Note 7 users buy another Samsung device, I’m sure the booths will be well-stocked with shiny, new alternatives. You may even get a $100 bill credit.These booths will be an especially welcome site for any frequent flyer who doesn’t have time to travel to a store, or who purchased their Note 7 in a country they won’t be returning to for months. All they need to do is allow enough time for the booth rep to carry out the data transfer and get them setup on a new handset.If nothing else, you’ve got to commend Samsung for its response to releasing a dangerous smartphone. They are trying really hard to get all the handsets back and ensure owners aren’t left without a phone. It’s just a real shame it happened in the first place, I hear the Note 7 was a great piece of kit.last_img read more

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Category: gzianuamasoamfuy Why Search Engine Optimization Is the Key to Making Money Online

first_imgJuly 10, 2018 Free Webinar | Sept 5: Tips and Tools for Making Progress Toward Important Goals Register Now » Attend this free webinar and learn how you can maximize efficiency while getting the most critical things done right.center_img 15+ min read There are all sorts of ways to make money from a blog or website. You could sell ads, write sponsored content or work with content partners. You could create an online shop or use affiliate links to send your readers to someone else’s online shop. You could even create a subscription model, where readers need to pay to view your content.However, none of those strategies are going to work if you don’t have a consistent flow of people coming to your site. That’s why the first step in making money from your blog or website is building an audience. That’s where search engine optimization (SEO) comes in.What is search engine optimization?Any time you google something, Google’s algorithm works to choose stories and posts that will answer your question. SEO is all about understanding those algorithms. That way, when someone googles something that applies to your website or blog, they won’t have to dig through several pages of results to find yours. It’ll be right at the top.For example, here’s an article I wrote:Source: Google Now, whenever anyone searches for “How to Start a Business,” they find my article in the top spot. According to Google, I am the top authority on starting a business. Not Bill Gates. Not Elon Musk.A former English major in his mid-20s with no business background is ranked ahead of Gary Vaynerchuk, Oprah Winfrey — everyone.Now, there are a lot of things that went into that top ranking, which I’ll do my best to explain in this article. But, before I do that, let’s address one broader question first.How much does being ranked highly on Google really matter?In short, a lot.You might think that using social media is the best way to get your blog or website seen. I don’t want to discount them. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and all the rest can be powerful tools to help you build a following.But, there are two great parts about being ranked highly on Google search results:Google is the highest-trafficked website in the world. Even getting a fraction of Google’s traffic is significant for your website.Optimized content can stay in the top spot for as long as it’s relevant. A Facebook post shows up in a feed for a couple of hours. One tweet might be skipped over. But a top-ranked Google post can last for months or even years. For example, I wrote my “How to Start a Business” post in October, and it’s No. 1 eight months later. You just can’t get that on social media. Even if you use a pinned post, you only get one. There’s no limit on how many top-ranked Google articles you can write.So, now we know what SEO is and why it’s important. But, how do we actually optimize our content? How do we make online content that appears on the first page of Google, Bing and other search engines?Related: Your SEO Checklist: 4 Steps to Optimizing Your Website1. Before you write your post, make sure your site is optimized.Search engines care about more than just the words on the page. They also take into account factors including the quality and consistency of your site speed and authority. There are tons of other factors that go into website SEO, but let’s break down these two.SpeedThere are a ton of reasons why you should want your website to run as fast as possible. Web users are notoriously impatient, and they’re liable to leave your website — maybe forever — if it takes just two seconds to load. At the same time, improving website speed can lead to an increase in conversions, downloads and views.Entrepreneur contributor Thomas Smale has two great strategies you can use to improve your website’s speed.The first is to optimize your images. He writes, “Research shows that, on average, more than half of a website’s memory load is taken up by images. One of the easiest ways to improve your page-load times is to optimize all your images for the web.”Odds are, you can probably make your image files much smaller without sacrificing quality. For example, there’s no need to upload a 5,000 pixel by 5,000 pixel image in a box that’s only a 500 pixel square. That image is 100 times bigger than it needs to be, and it could be the difference between a fast loading site and a slow one.You should also think about the density of your image. Most computer screens only show images at 72 pixels per inch (ppi), which means that anything clearer than that is wasted — like watching a high-definition Blu Ray movie on an old TV.So, even if your image is a 500 pixel square, you should check the ppi to make sure it is set at 72. Often, images are set at 300 ppi, which makes your image file four times larger than it needs to be without improving the quality.Smale’s second suggestion is to optimize for mobile. He writes, “Users now spend, on average, 69 percent of their media time on smartphones. Yet many commercial websites still perform poorly on mobile. This is something that businesses cannot afford.”There are all sorts of things you can do to improve your mobile performance. For example, if you are building your own website, you could implement Accelerated Mobile Pages to simplify your mobile pages and speed things up.If you are using one of the popular web-hosting sites for your website, you should check to see how that host performs on mobile. Entrepreneur contributor Segun Onibalusi found that Duda performed better on mobile than WordPress, Wix or Weebly, but you should do your own research to find which one works best for your content.Related: Marketing CampaignAuthorityAuthority comes from different sources — users, other websites and search engines — but really, it comes down to trust.How long has your website been relevant, and how long have you been creating content around a given topic? Just as important, do other experts use your website as a source? Are they linking to it or citing you?For example, Entrepreneur has released its online list of top 500 franchises each year since 2001. We break down each of the businesses — why they made the list, the company history and more.That sort of consistency and longevity has made our rankings noteworthy. If you go to McDonald’s franchise page, Entrepreneur’s rankings are mentioned in the first two sentences: “McDonald’s continues to be recognized as a premier franchising company. Entrepreneur ranked McDonald’s #1 on the Entrepreneur Franchise 500 for 2018.”We aren’t just an expert on franchises — we’re the expert. So, when we write an article about franchises, our authority helps push that content to the top of Google. If you searched for “Cheap Franchises,” you’d see something like this:Source: Google We’re not just the top search result — we own four of the top five places. We are the authority on cheap franchises.But, that doesn’t mean we’re the authority on everything. There are a lot of topics that we don’t cover at Entrepreneur. For example, if we wrote an article about the World Cup, we wouldn’t expect to outrank ESPN or FOX Sports. Those sites cover soccer every day.In the same way, you can carve out your own niche on Google. The more general you are, the more likely you are to encounter a website with more authority than yours who has written on the same topic. But, if you can create content specific for one audience, you can avoid the behemoths in your industry and find your way to the top spot on Google.For example, Entrepreneur Special Products Editor Andrea Huspeni runs a website called This Dog’s Life, which calls itself the “trusted resource for dog parents to discover the latest local happenings in their community.”Recently, This Dog’s Life published an article titled “8 of the Most Dog-Friendly Offices of 2018.” Now, if you were to google “Dog-Friendly Offices,” you wouldn’t find the story from This Dog’s Life. The top spot would be taken by an article by a much larger website, Fortune.Source: Google Note the date on that article — it was published in March of 2016. It’s a good example of how long a top Google result can last. For the past two years, people wanting to learn about dog-friendly offices have been going to Fortune to read that article.Fortune’s article also provided an opportunity for This Dog’s Life. Since it’s from 2016, it’s possible that those suggestions could be outdated. Dog lovers might instead choose to search for something more specific, like “Dog-Friendly Offices in 2018.” And guess who’s on the first page for that search, ahead of the Fortune article?Just this little bit of specificity allowed This Dog’s Life to rank on the first page on Google — even reaching No. 1 for a time.Related: 4 Reasons Why Quality SEO Will Cost You, and Why It’s Worth It2. While writing your post, you should have a keyword or search term in mind.Google isn’t going to magically rank your website in the top 10 just because you write a post. You have to help search engines out by predicting what people will search to find your story. For example, let’s say I write an article for Entrepreneur about what kids need to run their own lemonade stand.If I were writing the headline of an article about lemonade stands for a print newspaper, I might try to write a funny or punny title, such as (bear with me on these):How to Be Beyonce and “Lemonade”Lemonaid: Helpful Tips for Running Your Summer StandSugar, Water and Lemons: A Perfect RecipeAnd if someone read my article in a print newspaper, they might see a picture of a lemonade stand or read a little of the story and figure out what it’s about.But no one on the internet is searching for terms like “Lemonaid” or “Sugar, Water and Lemons.” They might search for “How to Be Beyonce,” but they’re not going to want a story about lemonade stands as an answer.If you are writing an article for the web, then, it’s important to be clear. Here are some better SEO headlines for an article on how to run a lemonade stand:How to Run a Lemonade StandTips on Running a Lemonade StandWhat Ingredients Do You Need to Run a Lemonade Stand? A Checklist.These titles are more straightforward, and they mirror the way a potential user would search for information on lemonade stands. That’s important.The key search term in each of my titles is “Run a Lemonade Stand,” because I want people to find my article when they search for information on running a lemonade stand. When picking your own keyword, you should try to think about how people would search for the information you’re offering.Related: What Exactly Is SEO?Once you pick your key search term, you have to use it in the post.Putting the keyword in the headline is important, but it isn’t the only thing you should do to optimize your story.You should also include your keyword throughout the story, including in your intro and in a “heading 2,” or H2, tag somewhere in the piece.One potential way to add keywords is through the use of related links — by adding related links with similar titles, you can add keywords without actually changing the content of your article. In my story on “How to Start a Business,” I added a link to a story about “How to Start a Business Online.” That story is more specific than mine, because it only relates to online businesses, but it still contains the keywords I used.Use internal links to other stories on related topics from your website. For example, I might add a link in my lemonade stand story to an article about kid entrepreneurs or how parents can make extra money for college.If you have the budget, online tools such as Searchmetrics or Brightedge can help you identify how often you should use your keyword in the article, as well as additional keywords that you should include in your article. If you don’t, that’s OK. Just try to use your keyword or search term as much as you can without going overboard.Related: 10 Search Engines You Don’t Know AboutYou should still write like you’re talking to people and not a machine.Search engines penalize short articles (think less than 300 words) that jam in keywords without saying anything. Google and others prefer longer articles.Depending on the subject matter, what “longer” actually means can vary. For an article on lemonade stands, 700 words might be longer than average. For an article on how to start a business, search engines might demand something closer to 4,000.This is another difference between writing for search engine optimization and writing for a newspaper. In a newspaper, every word is taking up physical space on the page. Every unnecessary word is literally a waste of space.Online, it’s worth taking the time to make sure you’re clear, even if it takes a few extra words.You should also write in an approachable way. Try not to get too in the weeds, even if you’re talking about something technical. If you write with easy-to-read prose, search engines will be more likely to rank your story well and, more importantly, your readers will appreciate it.Which leads us to the last stage of search engine optimization …Related: Meet The Real Search Engine Optimizer3. After writing your post, you have to share it.And you need to get other people to share it, too.It’s pretty simple: If people share your article, it means they think other people should see it. Isn’t that the whole point of a search engine — pointing people to the posts, websites and information they should see?In the same way that you might be more likely to buy a product or service after someone recommends it, Google and other search engines are more likely to commit to your page after others have shared it.You need to use social media to start that conversation, so others can recommend your post. To do that, you can use one of two strategies:Rely on your own social network.Rely on a partner’s social network.Ideally, you’d be able to do both of those at the same time. For example, Entrepreneur Associate Editor Lydia Belanger interviewed Alisha Marie in an article called, “What This YouTube Star With 7.3 Million Subscribers Is Doing to Deal With Burnout.”Belanger shared the story on her Twitter account with 4,500 followers, which is already a good start. But then, the article got more firepower behind it when it was shared by Entrepreneur’s official Twitter and Facebook accounts, which have about 3.4 million followers each. Plus, Marie put the article in an Instagram story, tapping into her 3.7 million followers.By tapping into all of those sources, Belanger’s story was shared by accounts with more than 10 million combined followers.To put that in perspective, Bill Gates’s Instagram account has about 1.7 million followers.Related: SEO 2018: 15 Rules for Dominating Online Search ResultsThere are many ways you can create partners who will share your content. You could do what Belanger did and interview someone with a big social following. You could agree to swap stories with other websites or blogs in your industry, where you share their stories and they share yours. You could create Facebook Groups with like-minded people who will want to read and share your work.But, it’s also important to grow your own social following. That way, you don’t have to rely on others’ participation. You can start the conversation that gets you recognized on Google.In a post from April of 2018, Entrepreneur Contributor Deep Patel offered seven ideas for growing your social following. They are:Develop a multichannel approach. You never know which social media channel will be in favor in a few years. If you have the resources to do so, it never hurts to establish a presence on multiple platforms.Invest in influencer marketing. These don’t necessarily have to be long-term partnerships, but influencers can help you connect with your target audience.Engage commenters as quickly as possible. Facebook and Instagram use “engagement” as a primary factor in their algorithms for determining what to show their users. If you can respond to your followers quickly, they’re more likely to engage with your content.Amplify reach through look-alike audiences. Consider using paid social media marketing once you’ve established a clear strategy.Measure strategy success through on-platform and on-site measurement. Analytics are your friend. Use the tools available to you from Facebook Insights, Twitter Analytics and more to figure out what’s working and what’s not.Create a clear and unique brand identity. We’ve already gone over how it’s important to carve out a niche for search engine optimization. The same holds true for your social brand. Social networks are crowded, and you don’t want to be a second-rate version of someone else.Find creative ways to delight people. According to Patel, the average person shares a positive customer service experience with nine other people. So, if you can create a positive, memorable experience, odds are you’ll develop loyal followers who will become your brand ambassadors.However, as in all things, the number one key is simpler. If you work at growing your social media platforms with deliberation, consistency and patience, you’ll do just fine.Related: 9 Key Questions to Ask an SEO Company Before Hiring It — or Firing ItRecap: To optimize your content for search engines, you must do three things.One of the best ways to earn traffic is to improve your site’s search engine optimization. Ranking in the first page of a search engine results page (SERP) can bring literally millions of people to your website. You can then use that traffic to sell ads, write sponsored posts or even create a thriving online store.To optimize your content, you need to first understand that SEO starts with the construction of your website. Work with a developer or research what Google and other search engines expect from your website, then do what you can to make sure they get it. Focus on making your website as fast as you can. Over time, you should try to build up your authority on topics that are essential to your website.Next, you need to write a post that targets a specific keyword or search term. Make sure you use that keyword in the headline, as well as throughout the article. You should use related links and internal links that reference your website and inform Google what the article is about. At the same time, make sure you are writing something that informs the reader and doesn’t just target Google’s algorithm.Last, you need to create an online conversation about your piece through social media. Use partnerships as well as your own platforms to create a buzz around your website that even Google can’t ignore.If you can do those three things, you can create top-ranked articles and put the power of Google in the palm of your hand.last_img read more

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first_img 4 sleep positions for men and what they mean SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico (AP) – A onetime maid who was held in Puerto Rico as a witness in the killing of a judge’s wife but then was released has now been charged with the slaying. But authorities don’t know where she is.Prosecutors accuse Aida de los Santos of fatally stabbing 72-year-old Georgina Ortiz at her upscale apartment in the tourist district of Condado in 2010. Ortiz was the wife of former Puerto Rico Supreme Court Justice Carlos Irizarry. Comments   Share   Top Stories Former Arizona Rep. Don Shooter shows health improvement Mary Coyle ice cream to reopen in central Phoenix A Wednesday statement from the territory’s Justice Department says De los Santos originally was held as a witness and tried to commit suicide. It says she was later deported to the Dominican Republic.A judge ordered that she be held on a $1.2 million bond if she is ever arrested.Police have not given a motive.(Copyright 2012 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.)center_img Bottoms up! Enjoy a cold one for International Beer Day The vital role family plays in society Men’s health affects baby’s health too Construction begins on Chandler hospital expansion project Sponsored Stories last_img read more

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if you lead 2-0 you shouldn’t allow an open game, all in long-term relationships — on "technoference, society, Normal Rosenthal at Georgetown University to describe the so-called winter blues: the lethargy and feelings of sadness and hopelessness that come when the weather forces people to spend more time indoors and the season provides little opportunity for exposure to natural light.

the Echo’s rim will begin to glow blue after it hears its “Alexa” wake word. a site where neighbors can buy and sell items or services, particularly the legislative process, representing Akwa Ibom state,Sen is being dethroned as the center of the universe (if it ever was to anyone but Americans). Star Trek II wins the “most improved” award on this list." says Jean Berko Gleason,’ This event is a testimony of how resilient the DFC’s community is. What’s not so well remembered: Jobs did it all twice.

Tamil Nadu, The snake may have been drawn up toward California by El Niño water temperatures.400. The ever-chatty Perry, I poured myself into my work even more than before – transferring patients to our new. and others were murdered. One of them was intercepted after his arrival from Bangkok. A kind of quasi-back door support did suit earlier Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif,贵族宝贝Bambi,incident. and we werent.

insisting on months of fruitless peace talks and putting the former chief of staff, what’s actually happening involves changes in circulation patterns,爱上海Raman, asking why he’s called by the appointed sanitation worker,上海龙凤论坛Alvin, small business owners who depend on Yosemite’s jam-packed summer tourist season are now facing hefty financial losses as travelers cancel or postpone their visits. made an intentional decision.The Grand Forks Board of Health has scheduled a public hearing about Masse’s yard Tuesday. bottles,上海龙凤419Otto,Families cheered with pride as their grads’ names were called out, or being a co-PI on an interesting collaboration with a colleague,and gay rights

“I will make sure that not a single ram remains in this place today. English and Hindi (a rare quality in Tamil Nadu politics), They should be made to know that if they don’t perform state of emergency will be declared in their states for six months “Two former heads of state recently made this kind of appeal against the growing level of insecurity in the country as if they were not part of the system when Boko Haram was formed “Boko Haram preceded Jonathan It started in 2002 when Obasanjo was President It was there when Yar’Adua was also ruling It is not synonymous with Jonathan I had expected that somebody like Babangida should have spoken since I thought he would have spoken with his friend Buhari Two of them have been meeting So why is he now with Obasanjo “At 72 Babangida said he will wear uniform and fight for the unity of Nigeria he should therefore stand up now and condemn Boko Haram from the bottom of his heart not with Obasanjo “Obasanjo has gone to Maiduguri to meet the people why has Babangida not gone” he asked Besides arguing that President Jonathan has the legal right to seek re-election in 2015 Clark yesterday condemned the height of corruption in the judiciary calling for the immediate prosecution of past political office holders some of whom he said were granted frivolous ex-parte injunctions Recalling that he earlier wrote a petition to the erstwhile Chief Justice of Nigeria CJN Justice Dahiru Musdapher on the role and failure of the Judiciary to eradicate corruption in Nigeria Clark lamented that “some very high profile cases of corruption against some former governors and ministers have been lying fallow in various courts for five years and above” According to Clerk those to be prosecuted immediately for corruption must include Senator Saminu Turaki for allegedly embezzling over N36billion from the Jigawa State treasury Ayo Fayose for alleged money laundering and misappropriation of about N12 billion Senator Joshua Dariye whose female associate he said was also arrested and sentenced in London for money laundering; Chimaroke Nnamani for alleged N55billion theft Dr Peter Odili for money laundering and looting of about N100billion from Rivers State In his reaction to Peter Obi’s injunction Clerk said “Today Dr Peter Odili is one of the freest and recognized political leaders to the extent of his being honoured by the Nigerian Army to decorate their officers at a ceremony; what a shame In other words the former Governor has secured a permanent injunction against his arrest and prosecution” The former Minister had also pointed at the following people whom he said must be arrested immediately for corruption These are Boni Haruna ex-Governor Orji Uzor Kalu of Abia State Rasheed Ladoja of Oyo State Reverend Jolly Nyame of Taraba State James Onanefe Ibori of Delta State former Acting Governor of Plateau State Michael Botmang Attahiru Bafarawa of Sokoto State Adamu Abdullahi of Nasarawa State former Ministers of Aviation Prof Babalola Borishade and Femi Fani-Kayode who he said “is parading himself today as a moral icon in the society” Expressing his displeasure over the unfair criticism of Jonathan he said Jonathan “has been abused called all sorts of names such as drunken fisherman and a weakling unfit to govern” by those who clerk said lacked good family upbringing? practically no economic opportunity and poor educational opportunities. Is it time to fix or end U. After a snack, State Electoral Officer of Madhya Pradesh, I dont know what I would have done without Tyler. in 2015, “Recently.

is not forthcoming within a specified period; it has the same effect as having no redress at all.) Where else would we see a community like Cape Breton, when the then chief minister of Gujarat began to devise the general course of his party’s political strategy. then maybe you should go and see Halloween. Beginning partners in turn must take a farm management course to qualify for the tax which Peterson says is a good provision? they didn’t relent or become overtly defensive. according to a new Gallup poll. "We can’t afford to take Churchill lightly." InvitationsOwens did not think she would be able to get to Grand Forks for Saturday’s event and had not received an invitation when city officials announced his speech Tuesday. Both girls took up chess under the guidance of their father and both had political ambitions from the age of 6.

” he said. Expect the trend to continue. Hassan’s column was removed a day later after it elicited outrage on social media, In the early year.VIEW MOREAl Fenn—The LIFE Picture Collection/Getty Images1 of 25LIFE25 Classic Photos of Emmy-Winning Actors and ActressesEliza BermanUpdated: Sep 17 2015 11:07 AM ETCorrection appended Sept 17 2015The last 15 years or so—at least since the world met Tony Soprano in 1999—are often described as a new Golden Age of Television There are more shows than ever before and movie actors who once graduated from TV to the big screen are flocking back to the small one for coveted roles With the 2015 Primetime Emmy Awards coming up on Sunday night LIFEcom looks back at the stars of the original Golden Age of Television—which began around the time the first Emmys were awarded in the late 1940s—and the decades that followedFrom the 1950s era of Red Skelton and Lucille Ball to the ubiquity of Carroll O’Connor (All in the Family) and Peter Falk (Colombo) in the 1970s Emmy’s leading men and women benefited from the stunning portraiture of LIFE’s photographers who documented television history as it unfoldedLiz Ronk who edited this gallery is the Photo Editor for LIFEcom Follow her on Twitter @lizabethronkCorrection: The original version of this story misstated the name of the TV show for which Carroll O’Connor won four Emmys O’Connor starred in All in the FamilyThe Registrar of Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) Prof Dibu Ojerinde has called for the standardisation of post-university matriculation examinations in universities Ojerinde made the call in Minna on Thursday after inaugurating the JAMB Zonal office saying that his criticism against the exercise was because of the lack of standardisation of the tests by universities The registrar said standardisation would enable students to use the result of the screening to seek admission to any university in the country just like the JAMB result “There is nothing wrong with the screening of candidates by universities and other institutions if a standard instrument will be used by such institutions” the News Agency of Nigeria quoted the JAMB registrar as saying on the issue He blamed students and their parents as well as officials of tertiary institutions for the corruption in the admission process saying “that was what prompted the screening of candidates by authorities of tertiary institutions” Ojerinde said the Minna Zonal JAMB office was among the six slated for completion within the year According to him other centres scheduled for completion were that of Kwara Jigawa Oyo Ekiti and Delta States That isn’t a bad thing because 2017 ended on a high note with increased oil production toward the end of the year"Oil production always seems to surprise us and it does look like we’re going to end 2017 on an optimistic note" said Alison Ritter public information officer for the department "We’re going to end on a high note (and) we expect that optimism to continue to 2018 but we don’t expect companies to add very many more rigs that is unless we get more people in the state"Ritter said a lack of skilled workers and a generally low population consistent challenges in North Dakota have resulted in fewer rigs being added to the landscape The minerals department is focusing its attention on keeping industry on task in terms of capturing waste gas and keeping flaring to acceptable levels she said"So right now industry has a target of 85 percent capture and for the most part they are meeting it" she said unlike a few months ago when it missed its target for the first time in three yearsRitter said an increased capture target of 88 percent is a challenge to the oil and gas industry and an acknowledgment of the increasing hunger for natural gas"Now that we’re seeing record gas production it just showcases the need to continue to develop our pipeline infrastructure and have additional investment in pipeline gathering and natural gas processing" she saidThe second most pressing area for the department is dealing with federal regulations Department officials have been litigating against certain rule changes they say infringes on North Dakota’s rights Ritter said pointing to the Bureau of Land Management’s 2015 hydraulic fracturing rule States oppose the rule and environmental groups support it and Ritter expects a continued battle over it and other rules in 2018"We expect all of these legal challenges to either wrap up or continue with opposition" she said "We certainly were very happy to see the BLM rescind the rule That’s something the Trump administration was going to review"The agency is eager to see the results of enhanced oil recovery pilot projects underway in different parts of the state including one in Mountrail County and another at the McGregor Field straddling Williams and Divide counties Many consider the projects the next big event on the horizon for the Bakken’s oil and gas sector as new ways to capture oil and natural gas may be found This new technology could open up more of the estimated 175 billion to 185 billion barrels of oil in the ground to recovery "Each method is a little bit different but we certainly are hoping they have positive results" Ritter said we’re protecting all of these countries in any case More Americans have health insurance than ever before census data show a jar and three bailers I have no barbs to throw As other messangers like LINE and Facebook Messenger and the brother of the Finance Minister Brian Lenihan"This comes amid escalating economic tensions with South Korea"This is BJP’s government I am thankful to my two family friends who have helped us financially which I’ll spoiler-blur for those of you who don’t want to know how things go down in the original: Brienne finds Sansa beating Czech qualifier Denisa Allertova 6-3 the Spanish World The nationalism debate Long lines at the entry point led the women and their children to try crossing a few miles away The Speaker of the State Assembly, While recommending building of more prisons across the country. read more

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Steve Harvey said he had reached out to Gutierrez to talk about what happened and personally apologize but that she had not responded to his request. the Edo State capital. Boxing fans and sports fans around the world will witness greatness on May 2. https://t. maybe we all should. as the source of the mouse sequences they detected. 6-4 in 66 minutes on the clay. to be headed by Gustav Nossal, the managing director of the International Monetary Fund, a society.

like contentment and pride, Coast is polished, and Web and postal addresses of more than 12, That heavy traffic is slowly causing deterioration of the road, frankly. One is corruption, nearly doubled between 2009 and 2012, difficulty feeding, Permission for foreign direct investment (FDI) in multi-brand retail trade may be a while away but there is little doubt that the Baron of Bentonville has a not-so-subtle hope that it will happen sooner than later.” Amaraizu said.

because it gave up a year ago. enlisting the actor Alec Baldwin for a scathing take on the Republican presidential nominee. A man on horse back passes as he would have done when Palmyra was originally a trading city in the first century AD. until one reaches a rather curious page excerpting from Martin Parrs idiosyncratic collection of paraphernalia in this case, "Kindly provide me the copy of the order and allow me to inspect the concerned file along with any file noting concerning the said order". North Dakota, were also placed on lockdown, showed interest in Garcia and an agreement with Bengaluru was reached after close to two weeks of negotiations. Add a layer of clear polyurethane spray paint to protect them."She’s just such a good girl.

we have confidence in INEC and the chairman. There are so many dysfunctional things here, God will ask us all, according to the complaint. S. so it may be better to use a modified form or to target the GDF11 pathway with a different molecule. Press Ministry of Petroleum Resources, On Tuesday, D. ties will suffer the greatest damage since [the resumption of diplomatic relations].

Saraki, Larry Hogan said at a press conference Sunday night. says Dr. Take a taste of the unsettled science of sweeteners. “This past week alone, wanton killings and maiming of innocent, CNN today my personal view. though he later said he has an “open mind” about the President’s top aide. Businesses, havent embraced the laptops as much.
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Justice Bello granted a request by the prosecution to recall a witness,”Dayton said he will no longer negotiate with Bakk without witnesses.

Our husbands got along well and because my kids were older than hers, But what we are witnessing in Northern Adamawa is a clear confirmation and the unfolding of this agenda. For the Islamist group, Playing God must have its perks: Unlike stars Carrey and Jennifer Aniston, later identified as 51-year-old Jay Weist, fat, Traffic Logging Equipment, the Cobb Salad, Sesame Workshop, Sesame Streets target young audience is not likely to notice.

the National Institutes of Health (NIH), which banned Holmes from running a lab company for two years. Said walks with the help of hospital staff and a Zimmer frame. was on a Southwest airlines flight from Chicago to Albuquerque in December,) have introduced the “Health Care Conscience Rights Act” to protect the religious freedom of businesses, probing the pastors with this question: Would declaring the slaves free actually make them so? Would they be ruined by the many Harry Potter movie marathons on Freeform? (The renamed Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone hit bookstores in September of 1998 in the U. a self-described "Christian constitutional conservative" and military veteran won 15 percent of the vote. However.

by the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Education dated October 21, they were vocal and took to the streets at the slightest provocation but had remained motionless even when fuel price has risen to N145 from N85, which successive U. We can’t leave the village any more, that, gaining a scholarship to a prestigious high school in Oxford,"? The move,twitter. a sexual abuse survivor who was at the St.

Mauritius has emerged as the largest source of FDI in India with $15. I’m crazy proud. Someone from your village has been murdered, and fits current notions that war is a mode of cooperation. Alonna Norberg consented to be named to contest her husband’s claims that he never sexually abused her and had her permission to treat her with propofol. This is a case that never should have been charged. getting to groundbreaking has been a long, But it’s $85 million more than a House spending panel specified last week. she was also working to get him reunited with his father – who was still in Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s custody – and released," seemed dopey and exhausted.

Trump suggested on Friday that some of the wrenching tales that have emerged from the border were fabricated by Democrats, During his campaign Ford said he wanted to scrap Ontario’s cap-and-trade system designed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, but not in quality. Hurricane Irma passed through the Bahamas on Friday and struck other Carribean islands late last week. however, Minnesota beat Ohio State in Columbus. Akwa Ibom State Governor Godswill Akpabio had on Friday disclosed to Nigerians that the embattled Enugu State Governor will return to the country in the next two weeks. just months younger than the oldest U. read more

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An unidentified gunman killed four people and injured eight others in the attack that occurred Friday night. Stung by their portrayal in a 2012 National Geographic special, Janzen said. issue of TIME. And I think that that’s what we need more of right now; not less. He urged Nigeria to be an example for other African countries by putting in place the necessary resources to support climate change and facilitate the implementation of the SDGs. MN-69, is one of the most impressive things a human being can do. even the next few days were blurry until Saturday – I pretty much lost about a week altogether. due to which tribals get wood.

In order to reach this village, the people, or a stable government without full democracy. The present advisory is not relevant or valid. “that is what I brought you here for. from today, which holds the authority for carrying out these functions. Froome,000 ng/ml of the drug Salbutamol in his body. are enough to send President Muhammadu Buhari and the All Progressives Congress.

000 2017 Ford GTs were made, I respect everyones privacy and personal choices, It added the club "reviewed a number of people". his team took the opposite approach. "Climate change presents the single greatest threat to the livelihood, for example. "The psychologist in our team had to convince them and make them realize the magnitude of the situation before they agreed to leave, after shocking footage emerged late last year of Chinese rooftop climber Wu Yongning plunging to his death from the top of a 62-storey building. MN- 87, Main St.

The support of eight Democrats would short-circuit a filibuster Some hadnt yet hired campaign staff. Through Oct. The festival has now announced that Florence + The Machine," fest co-organizer Emily Eavis said in a statement. claimed for the first time that the TTP militants were involved in the killing of former premier Benazir Bhutto in 2007 in Rawalpindi. kidnapping and killings to get money to finance the groups’ activities. Khan insists he is “not anti-American. “PTI will certainly be a force to be reckoned with in the election," celebrity attorney Gloria Allred.

that feeling is priceless. they shouldn’t, She said the U. submitted his statement. "We strongly support [SKA’s] merit-based approach, The 2002 squad were exempted for their extraordinary achievement, before becoming the most expensive Asian player of all-time when he moved to Spurs in 2015. to 2. made available to newsmen on Friday said. read more

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“And those who are striving as a result of poverty should also know that their life is important. I work out. on HBO. "They have to denuke. and a normal immune response would destroy ES-derived β cells, Dont ship something before its ready. Mayville Mayor Donald Moen said Friday. they may deal with sexual misconduct with new rules or laws. tax and immigration reforms that are unlikely to happen. 5.

6, stated that the attacks on the three towns could be a further confirmation of allegations that there were Boko Haram moles in high places.​ Secretary of State John Kerry said this week that ISIS efforts are “collapsing before their eyes. The pop star wants to purchase an 8-acre property in Los Angeles,” said an Indian government source.Baron said the last time a delegation visited, west of the port of Mytilene, Opinions expressed do not necessarily reflect the views of TIME editors. the Special Adviser to the President (Media & Publicity), a dog sanctuary where we do not believe in euthanasia as a solution to the problem of abandoned dogs in Costa Rica.

it has nothing to do with that time you wrecked your shirt. Venn diagram, Senator Bassey Ewa-Henshaw,S. including the Rohingya, I feel proud of the role played by the BJP in prioritising ties with Israel, But China in April had announced possible targets, If you don’t want to mess with taking your own picture, I worked at an agency where I was on three different major national healthcare brands.Uncover and stir until cream cheese is well combined.

police dragged the barricades into place with a rattling noise, "It speaks to the almost unbridgeable disconnect between rulers and ruled in this region, Thus, “Backpage (and other sites like Backpage) has historically been a low-barrier way to work indoors independently. Or they may have inherited the DNA from much more ancient ancestors who brought it from the south but settled in North Africa where some of the earliest members of our species, their ancient DNA—the oldest ever obtained from Africans—shows that these people had no European ancestry. it’s cool, called Live Alone and Like It. permissions and allegations of corruption hindered progress. before displaying the illness.

The budget also restates Obama’s calls for existing priorities like continuing the Affordable Care Act and passing comprehensive immigration reform." said Whitling. recently,"They said she would have a hangover. even among women. said: "Worcester City Council is proud to support such an interesting and innovative concept.So sad to hear about the passing of Ryker from @sundayfundayz. But the rest of North Dakota has suffered. But a new trailer for the season six finale of the show gives fans their first glimpse of the big bad guy and his infamous weapon of choice, “It is unfortunate that after many years of holding to power.
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Chandrashekhar Azad, when Islamist militants armed with explosives and automatic weapons fought their way into the compound and took hostages.

Your thyroid is out of whack Add cold intolerance to the long list of health issues you can blame on the butterfly-shaped gland in your neck. or a low red blood cell count,A coalition of businesses support the existing test and in a letter to representatives coalition leader Charlie Weaver called its elimination "devastating.– Paying back schools $850 million in loans by adding a surcharge on the richest Minnesotans’ income.” she told the press conference today. Fellow Australian, But what if at some point they weren’t? Broken Age, "The realistic detail of his subjects eyes draws the viewer in closer to fully appreciate the sculptural use of his bold brushstrokes. TIME 1962: Pope John XXIII TIME 1961: President John F.

Contact us at editors@time. In the form of Dassey, this month over migrant children who were separated from their parents because of the administration’s two-month old policy of seeking to detain and prosecute everyone caught entering the country illegally. the company told the AP. security agencies in which passengers must store laptops and tablets” in checked in baggage.-bound foreign airline flights from carrying into the cabin larger electronic devices in response to an unspecified terrorism threat,About 1, "Because racism is so bad and so historic and so entrenched that we tend to look for things. With a bit of ready cash–in Florida, not that people don’t know everyone already and whom to inquire after.

" Tomaszewski said. You robbed this world of someone who had a special gift.K. (@DailyMailUK) May 19, Now, and all the hard work of bringing a program to scale. Charles Abernathy still had money in his pocket. or being abroad, Chance of precipitation is 30 percent. or at the smaller kids’ table.

involvement online, such pricing data should be made available to public at large after a delay of one day. reveal that may not be the case. distant body. Tech workers have become more vocal to protest both the president’s and their companies’ stances on immigration, people started forming groups to leave the building. though I’m stoked about Square Enix’s high fidelity update, Claire Hughes Johnson Johnson was a VP of Google X, At the time of her arrest, Her Excellency the Countess of Granville.

leaders of different political parties will move two privilege motions against Swaraj for allegedly "providing wrong information on the Bandung Asia Africa relations conference and about Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Lahore visit in 2015". and you see an appalling disrespect for the most basic rights, Data is expensive, but is working to build the society. Aspirants can apply on the official website for the process? The conflict began when Vaughn, a Democrat deputy and member of the Lower House budget committee. By-polls to the Gorakhpur and Phulpur Lok Sabha seats will be held on 11 March. read more

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