Construction site how to choose the domain name of the website

reduced domain are often able to quickly let users remember it, it can greatly enhance the user’s access to two times, it is very useful for a web site. Of course, if you can register your site theme has correlation with domain name is naturally more perfect. But now that the basic domain name streamline hot words are bad light, they will be registered to the domain name in the third party platform for sale, if you are interested can go to these types of sites selection, generally贵族宝贝 domain price will be relatively high.

3. domain name

domain name suffix also pay attention to this, specifically to look at your website is engaged in what services. Many of the old owners believe that the domain name贵族宝贝 is the best and most authoritative, in fact. Under the same conditions,.Org and.Net of the two represents the non-commercial site suffix has more advantages than the贵族宝贝 ranking. At the same time, said China domains.Cn and贵族宝贝.cn will also have more advantages than贵族宝贝. A domain name suffix, the more we should start from the future site theme, so that it is more beneficial.

2. domain name suffix about

when you are ready to purchase or registered some old domain name, you should go to see it is not "". If you have a "criminal record", it is not recommended to have it, because it will cause great adverse effects on your new station. How to evaluate the domain name is punished? The author lists the following methods:

– WayBackMachine query. The WayBackMachine website provides domain name history inquiry, although some histories are not fully displayed, but we choose the domain name >

can be said that in the beginning of the construction site for the domain name choice tend to spend more time. A good domain name to the site can bring more substantial benefits, while for the latter part of the website optimization is more favorable. Then we should be how to choose more suitable for their own website? I think we should consider from the following aspects:

– site, link, domain integrated instruction. When the site data is 0, while link and domain have the data, then the domain name is likely to have "form".

when we register a domain name must choose a large company more formal, because this can guarantee the efficiency after the domain name transfer to renew, or other business management. Now there are many small companies registered in the domain name service, not to say that these small companies are not normal, but when we think the reaction problems, they also want to continue to react, thus with the feedback cycle,

4. to determine whether there is a "criminal record"

1. select a reliable supplier of domain name

The main body of the simplified

Expose several pseudo Shanghai dragon phenomenon of the real side

do not know what time the Shanghai dragon changed the flavor, with no technical things, but for various reasons to evade the crucial point of marketing highfalutin is a very obvious, example, many practitioners don’t care about the rankings in Shanghai love big update before, but the name of the banner of marketing to drainage, diversification is certainly good, but we to abandon the simple and use love from Shanghai? I think this is an extreme method of fighting, when we are in the development of the industry, we were too radical, and these immature performance are the pseudo Shanghai dragon performance, then you are

C if the first two are not very serious mistake, then no moral cannot be forgiven. I do not know if you have not tested, we in the A5 article, after less than four times the others will immediately become a reprint articles, links deleted even, the key is posted on their links, an article did’t, Shanghai Dragon Phoenix more and more lost sincere charm, everybody has become too self, not respect others, in addition to deceive friends of the chain were also prevalent on the surface of zhengyilinran, hate deception, secretly doing the dirty work, these are the true face of the puppet Shanghai dragon.


D egoistic smallholder consciousness, not only into the. Now Shanghai dragon industry really bad, take the guest website, if there is no good method for the new station site, it is very difficult to collect, not to mention money, but this does not mean that the guest who do site will fail, and still have some IT do, but only a few what’s the use? When you >

B once the website were easily confused. 6.28K station when the storm comes, I think that many webmasters are crazy, because I worked so hard to do the site overnight back to the liberation, so some dismal webmasters will you use this idea anxiously launched webmaster malicious click event, causing many informal enterprises huge losses. Don’t love Shanghai is right or wrong, only see from all this practice can, we are not rational, not mature enough, very easily in the face of "accidents" are confused, which will be used by others, and then serve as the navy.

A encountered things would think of their own how to solve, but look forward to the Savior, so when the 360 search engines, more webmaster called, looking forward to the 360 can have a more outstanding performance, change the status of their own, but a 360 can make many no money no traffic to the website is back? Not a single large case who do not want to see, but this is what we now have to face the situation, cannot change, 360 growth still need time, we certainly can not be all the time stuck in them, do their work, and effectively improve the quality of the chain, do a good job the flow is introduced, that is a true Shanghai dragon should do something.

A monthly income of 20 thousand Shanghai dragon is how tempered — a green hand

has just started working very excited, no matter how feel with their Tao Dream is a step closer. The company is small, only 10 to 3 individuals, Shanghai Longfeng Specialist (including me), one of the two years, another 2 months earlier than me. The first day of work, give me some of Shanghai dragon sense is the most basic common sense, say that in the forum. But when young and naive, thought is what profound knowledge. Then second days, give me 10 website called me with new content, and then register the chain, every day is not a mechanical stop doing repetitive work, then entangled in a series of problems, how can I update the content included ah, how do the chain is effective, what time ranking to go up, I often take these questions to ask my teacher, she is just that time naive to think that only smiled but did not reply, she is deliberately not told me now to think carefully, one does not think the Shanghai dragon you will only be a chain of migrant workers.


in Shanghai Longfeng almost two years, two years of ups and downs from inside, a young child first do not understand what is now the network marketing director of a company in Hangzhou, from the original nest in a small company with 1.2k to now 20K per month, from the first person squatting in front of the computer alone in some Shanghai Longfeng list, now have a team of more than 30 people, at least I can say is now out of Shanghai dragon rookie. See their way through, and around the young Shanghai dragon Er, and they always want to share what. Now to share my story to everyone, hope everyone in the future career of Shanghai dragon’s help, a little less detour.

from Shanghai Dragon into this industry, I have replaced the 4 company, before the stay in a state-owned bank inside a year, of course, is the most evil work, then came out, why not explain, you know. After it has been very confused, not knowing what to do the work. A chance to see a post on the Internet, is about the Taobao customer, of course is that Taobao customers how wonderful, you can do what part-time or a monthly income of 10 thousand, I was confused, there was such a good job ah, then to Shanghai dragon slowly contact. After the job has been very a sense of direction, just want to do the work of Shanghai dragon. Several times to the talent market, the results are rebuffed, or those with no experience, no professional like (later learned that they are looking for Shanghai dragon head). Frustrated many times, naturally feel worth drop, then found on the Internet, cast a resume, finally a Hangzhou network company to call me to go to the interview, is Shanghai dragon specialist, but very exciting, not how to think, 1.2k will accept the new job.

does not have 20 days, my teacher left, no way I can.

How I will use QQ keyword index of the 400 row to the second page space

often is in this case, is not optimistic about things always shine, like a "dark horse" appeared in front of you, it seems not for anything else but, just to prove that they are useful, but this is nothing to prove, it is QQ space marketing ranking.

in the query tools, experience tells me that the QQ space will have a strong chain to support it, although I know there are many factors influencing QQ spatial ranking, but I did not think so much. In the query tool, did find some traces, the QQ space has a large number of one-way friendship links pointing to it, find out about 80 tools, because the tools of cache, there should be a conservative estimate of 100 one-way Links. 100 one-way Links, what is this concept, I can not say it, anyway, when the bright blind my eyes, and I definitely think the ranking in the QQ space in the process, these Links played a decisive role. Then again, he did it so many one-way links, bought? After careful inquiry, is not to buy, it seems that his resources was very rich, but until now, I still believed these Links.

many Internet marketers have been optimistic about the QQ space, are generally optimistic about its ability to collect two users and marketing ability, few people will because the QQ space is the high weight platform to do marketing. The concept of marketing history, you will find the QQ space seem to have been cold shouldered by Shanghai dragon er or network marketing, have its position in the ranking of the marketing platform. As in the website optimization, almost no one will tell you the chain with the QQ space for your web site, and only one reason: because the QQ space shield love Shanghai grab, so that Shanghai dragon Er do not want to spend too much time in this "gally".


QQ space has so much power, it will make good use of it, I do not know how it is the horses in the first row, because they know in some website ranking rules, the QQ space case study row up, will know the one or two, and this is my "network marketing planning" the word on page second and laid a good foundation in.

at a certain moment, I like you, don’t think QQ space is our Shanghai dragon er the best choice, because it is not loved in Shanghai see, in fact, this also blame it on their own, who let it shield love Shanghai grab? Until the advent of the bole, optimistic about the QQ rankings this horse, and indeed the experience of its strength, in front of everyone around a lot, this makes me see light suddenly, the original QQ space is also can do the ranking.

about the QQ space ranking techniques, and in horses of the QQ space is taken, then the next step is to test. In the first part of words, I did not spend too much time, but directly chose our official website has been optimized but not excellent.

Since the

A relationship between the Shanghai dragon and working principle of the search engine


(4): search engine query system page cache, query

is hard to imagine that the search engines don’t download page back to join the search engine page library, the search engine will analyze how to page. Don’t let the search engine according to the demand on the page for download, real-time analysis, and then directly show oh?…… So the efficiency will be very low, to search a keyword in the search engine users, need to spend a lot of time to complete analysis to the user, return the results, the user is not afraid of getting impatient

back? Why the

not only that, for the search engine is a main mission and two points, grab more pages, but according to the analysis of system and query system, according to the degree of importance to observe some of the page.

run away?

(1): search engine download page download system

search engine?

in fact, the search engine needs in a very short period of time, the user’s search request to return results, so we need to advance the establishment of a database in the search engine, and then the common information into the cache, so that you can guarantee in a very short period of time, in response to the request of users.

(3): the search engine index system according to the analysis results, decide whether to be included,


about the cache, you can own love Shanghai, I have a not very good example of mechanical hard disk like computer and solid state disk relative to memory speed (the difference is obvious matter or geometric level)

search engine to work in this way? What is the mission of the

for more important pages more frequently updated pages, show many pages, need to allocate more resources to track.

is one of the most basic unit based on Internet, the search engine on a web page to expand the work they need to experience the following four links (including but not limited to):

(2) analysis system: search engine page analysis

search engine needs as much as possible search and download all pages on the Internet, this is the only way for the user to provide more reference information. I’ll give you an example: many people are talking about, Google search experience in academic circles is much higher than the other search engines, but also can be said that the quantity and quality of Google in the world in the academic circles of the crawl page should be much better than other search engines.

(1) search engine why will download

Hello, I am a white, self Shanghai dragon is less than a year, recently read a few books related to the search engine principle, combined with their own experience in Shanghai dragon, to write this article to share with you, hope you can save some time, also provide some ideas for the problems encountered in Shanghai in the process of your dragon.

360 search online Webmaster Platform to us what impact

360 search Webmaster Platform on-line in January 24th, micro-blog saw the news I was eager to try a platform with Sitemap submission, site safety testing, site speed, PING detection and DNS detection of the five functions, one can help webmasters to submit collection, on the other hand can even understand the website the speed and performance of on-line search platform 360, as everyone knows is to draw against the Shanghai grassroots webmaster love, then it is for our website is exactly what effect?

Site speed, PING detection and DNS detection function of the remaining

do not have to say, compared to love Shanghai Webmaster Platform 360, and not too many features, but each function it launched are practical, not only well to love Shanghai, also provides a more user-friendly platform and entrance for Shanghai users constantly complaining about love. The future of the station will have more choices, love Shanghai and 360 of the war on the surface is not a smoke of the search wars, in fact only competition can infer continuous development of the Internet, to provide safe and comfortable service for owners. This article from Zhangye looking for eight quit the original 贵族宝贝zhaobajie贵族宝贝.


is the second, 360 website security testing, when a site is in danger that when the 360 search results, not only affect the search engine will also affect the status of site in the center of the user, even 360 will change the web shield not open the page appears, so that the site security is in heavy. 360 website security testing can let the webmaster know their website security, also found security detection webmaster tools also use third party safety testing in 360, as for the love Shanghai has been to accelerate the use of music and three party site security tools, but the 360 coordination site safety inspection site guards greatly protect the interests of the owners this is the sea, love no intimate service.

first, love Shanghai Webmaster Platform Sitemap is not completely open, which makes many people feel powerless and frustrated, but the launch of the 360 Sitemap submission function can be described as timely assistance, let everyone’s website is more conducive to search engine crawling, the guidance of the 360 search engines more quickly and fully grasp the content on the website, to enhance the interaction with the spider webmaster. So the webmaster should how to add Sitemap, the first step to add the site and wait for verification, add data, deployment of documents in accordance with the XML format specification, fill in the file storage address, click Submit. It can search an online map to generate the Sitemap website, a few minutes can quickly complete the work.


How long time will not update the site rescue ashore

. Delete the existing data, re established data

with the increase of Internet site competition, a part of the webmaster friends will give up the temporary site after entering the Internet for a long time, turned to the rest of the battlefield, and after waiting for a period of time, this part of the webmaster and want to make a station, this time before the abandoned site can be used on


maybe many webmaster thinks is the site of the IP increase, but a website has not been updated or not ranking, your website IP come from? So webmaster friends when restarting the new site should pay attention to the website of the PV value, increase the PV value of the site, reduce the invalid IP unnecessary the. For example, you click to enter your site, don’t fall in love with the sea from entering even have a look to learn much more click, open the page, so you make friends or other IP to do so, love Shanghai will think your site has value, will be re included, if still open the site look left so, this website will be included after the love of Shanghai K.

long time not update the site in the search engine is a waste site, when the site have included the search engines to crawl sites every day, and the result is to grab the contents of Web site as like as two peas, so in one stage is famous search engine. The webmaster friends want to re enable this type of site should be careful, following detailed talk about how long time will not update the site to save Shanghai.

two. Pay attention to PV, reduce the redundant IP value

webmaster friends in enable a long time not update site when the first thing is to delete the web data now, because now the website data has been search engine grab numerous times, and may have formed numerous reprint, this type of data on a web site is not much effect. So I suggest you webmaster friends to delete the existing data, the re establishment of the data, and the data in the re establishment of a process should focus on streamlining structure and code, to any website are standing in the streamlined structure and code on the blog website included than enterprises or other type of website, this can be seen on the importance of website structure and code, and a long time not update the site should also be the case.

content and the chain should be complementary to each other, whether we are in what type of website content is the foundation, the chain is the core. If the owners did not update the site in the re opening for a long time, then you should add a dozen original content, and then the content of the web site to send love Shanghai to attract the spider crawling, this method is the most effective method, but also better than simply the creation of the chain home page or home page anchor text effect. As a webmaster, I suggest when re enabled website can use five pieces of content into a chain, then update five article content to send the chain.

three. Find the content and chain point


For the novice webmaster advice do the chain should do no artificial trace


2, only on the same key.

in this before, I have to point out there are many webmaster in the chain problem:

a website to get good rankings or by K, probably a variety of reasons, but if a webmaster every day is very hard to add your website original content for your web site with the chain, but it was the search engine punishment, it is a little injustice. But the owners also have to analyze why

since this rarely do some of the large Shanghai dragon chain, why so good? This is because there are a lot of fans in the website free to help them do the chain. But this is not the chain of artificial traces. Look! This is our place to learn. Of course, there are so many fans to help us better publicity, but for a novice website, it is obviously not realistic. So, next, I will explain how to imitate the chain like.


I think, if a webmaster so hard to run our own website, finally get the results you want, the most important reason is because of their wrong site optimization method, make the search engine that you are doing Shanghai Longfeng, even suspected of cheating, because this put you into the sand box. Therefore, I think it is necessary to put forward: Shanghai dragon, will do no trace of Shanghai dragon. Perhaps, this time, some owners asked me, if not for search engines to see Shanghai dragon traces, how to make up. This time, I must mention that many large web site, now basically did not make Shanghai Longfeng, but also can get good rankings in search engines. If you do not believe, you can try bean effect. Now, as long as you search engine on a movie name, you can see the bean ranking on the first page. I just try to search for the "noble baby apes", found watercress ranked second. You can also try to search other films in the noble baby, I believe there will be a similar result.


you this one time to ask: why is this some large sites also have such good results in the search engines? The answer is that their website complies with the principle of Shanghai dragon. But I can tell you that some large sites do not generally Shanghai dragon. Optimization on the inside, we do not analyze, but we can analyze their outer chain: This is my query to use outside the chain of tools results (remind novice, head of the general consensus is: use YAHOO to check the chain more accurate). We can see that the chain effect of watercress is very good.

1, the chain, for a period of time to do much, but over a period of time and not to do

many new Adsense will ask: my site row is always not good ranking? Even my website first nomination is very good, why then inexplicably was K

5 steps of the new website link building promotion

second, gradually extended. It normally takes 1-2 weeks to complete after the first step, according to my experience, the noble baby certainly included love, Shanghai may also included the contents of your home page. Now we need to gradually promote, because we are a new website, temporarily do not want to exchange links, we can go through the release of soft to improve the website links. Of course, it is best to leave the description text links, can not leave the website is ok. I personally think that the amount of control on day 10-20 the best, the best step by step. If you are a day hundreds of thousands, certainly dead.

fifth extended circle. In the arena, or rely on a friend. Even if we had no friends or do not have the resources, we can now accumulated through the exchange links, through friends, through colleagues, through forums, through the QQ group etc.. Friends exchange, resource sharing, you must give up their own resources, to change to change more resources. Rely on their own.

fourth, multi-channel promotion. After the development of more than three steps, the site should be included. We can through the promotion of multiple channels, such as we can exchange links. Link exchange is also a lot of stress, if you are a waste site, it does not matter content, links can. If you are a professional website or the brand website, the best website, but not sensitive or do not want to link key tube, is bound to affect the user experience. We all know that the quality of the link, and to him almost, because too much with you for others. After high quality, more demanding.

first, improve its content. Your site content must be early to improve, officially launched after the start of promotion. If your site is not ready, the promotion even if there is no access to the user conversion rate, and will give you the website or corporate brand products a negative impression is not good. After the line on the website not to publish links or promotion, keep update frequency every day, wait for each column, the home page is plump after promotion.

we do website, especially the website promotion is clear. Now exchange link is more difficult than the robbery are difficult. There is always a website from the new to the old process, we can also see a lot of new sites every day to success, but most of them are still not successful. How can we successfully tend to a number of website categories? No matter what kind of website, the website itself user experience, structure, content can be operated, the most difficult operation is only external link building, promotion development only, according to my own experience and share.

third, pay attention to the development of. Like every day we see others link is not removed, to check the operation site every day, such as a web site included, snapshots, the number of connections and so on are not ascending, if dropped or not, check what the problem is. At the same time, we will continue to maintain.

Dried food! New ways to high quality chain and the matters needing attention

, that is, some users of the micro enterprises website, started a chain exchange work immediately, and ignore the content of the website construction. Here, the micro enterprises must remind you that your website content perfect before the new sites to exchange links, and the chain will improve, so that you and others exchange Links when other owners view your site, there will be a relatively good impression on them is relatively simple.

3.qq chain exchange group


many online Webmaster Platform, have a Links exchange place, or the use of Links exchange tools. In addition, some owners also recommended a chain exchange platform, the forum of stationmaster exchange platform etc..

if you have friends who have their own website, and weight is very high, you can go to the trouble for you to do them a Links, after waiting for your site weight up, then give them Links, so that everyone can get help each other. If you have such contacts, do not worry, it is not connected to one or two days will be able to accumulate, after slowly accumulate good.


is also a way to spend money to buy links, but the risk and the cost is relatively large. For the novice, if you can not judge the quality of a chain, it is best not to buy links, although this is a kind of method, but this does not recommend the use of.

new Links note

1. exchange chain must check each other’s site has not been included in the Shanghai love. If it can’t > not included

1. personal connections

2. link exchange platform

many new Adsense in the chain do tend to get wrong, even when not know. Some people do when the chain doesn’t study, it is easy to put your own website not to take into account.

for the novice, novice can also go to add a chain exchange group, you can also find related, such as I do Shanghai dragon, I will go to search for "Shanghai dragon new chain exchange group, here need new friends to practice, very easy to use. For the micro enterprises website users can also try to find some exchange chain in our webmaster user QQ group.

Links the new way Buy

Links for a new station, its function can not be expressed in words, if you have a new website, get some high quality Links the promotion, your new search engine will reduce the time of the audit. Although the majority of beginners understand the importance Links, but I do not know how to carry out the work. Today, we have to find ways of high quality Links and talk about new sites and precautions.