Love Shanghai Webmaster Platform began to force the latest web site style.



I certainly wouldn’t fall behind, my website is: www.warpv5贵族宝贝/xemh/ evil cartoons I vote in the following address.

rule is simple: users to complete the Style test to get the Chinese New Year red envelopes, a total of 5 times per hour.

will receive a special trophy and Apple iPod hero Nano 7 generation of 1, second and third will be the site of a mobile hard disk.

way to share a little secret is not a secret, of course, it depends on luck, ranking the heroes are not the same, mainly to see where you site characters have powerful website, my website is difficult, obviously Admin5’s Ceng Xiaoxian’s Heroes competition is very small, as long as now more than 45 tickets will be able to get iPod Nano 7 generation

this activity after a lot of small mouth more and more owners to join in, join must verify their own website, so there are a large number of owners began to understand and use the love Shanghai webmaster tools.

The website the most votes in each style

love Shanghai Webmaster Platform since its release, and constantly improve the practicability, webmaster tools, and rely on the love piece of Shanghai, its owners a gilded signboard, the forum also began increasingly prosperous, a few days ago Xiaobian see love Shanghai Webmaster Platform began recruiting operations. And love Shanghai in its search engine for "keywords Webmaster Platform" for his son many recommended, plus today love Shanghai Webmaster Platform website launched style activities, all told its upcoming force.

You can

to support the site to vote, each ID only as a site to vote 1 times.

of course one hour to repeat the test at the same site as invalid, can not receive again red.


The ?

today, love Shanghai Webmaster Platform to publicize the activities in the home and home to hang out at the top of the station focused banner ads, events home prizes are attractive.

if you are a site administrator can collect "Hero Medal in Webmaster Platform verification way" (validated the website automatically, the impact wear) "Style heroes".

I hope you can help me website vote: 贵族宝贝zhanzhang.baidu贵族宝贝/act/y2012/search site=www.warpv5贵族宝贝#


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To write an article, are you tired


write very tired, for what? This problem not only people often ask, I ask myself, what to have? "

whether it is WeChat, micro-blog, on the blog, website, or from the media, not a thing: content, writing. More and more experts and celebrities that content, emphasizing the importance of writing, more and more platforms to provide services from media articles, there are more and more people began to write the article. I’m a stick to the man who wrote the article, write so long article, people often ask to write tired? I can be very responsible, very tired.

why to write

to write the article so you tired, to what

why to write very tired? Writing is not a simple word, if only the code, very easy, too easy, for those of us who often write articles, simple code, an easy job to do. But if you carefully to write your share, it will be a very grueling project, tired is needless to say.

I wrote the article is mainly from the original and reproduced with reading comprehension. Original needless to say, a month to two months may not see what, but more to the back of the writing more difficult, especially to 1 years, 2 years later to see, give up how many? The biggest problem is the brain drain, and wrote the do not want to write. So this time we while writing but also while constantly learning to supplement their own, this is very time consuming, which includes resource tables, data, pictures, articles and other finishing is not to say. See a lot of people say that Lu Songsong’s original blog less, I understand, you see 6 years to write articles? This is a time-consuming and laborious work.


there is no doubt that you want to write articles, you should get involved preparation, last saw Feng Dongyang said to have sex in time to write original articles, it is capable of evoking praises and tears. Fortunately, this I was in, this is not small, otherwise do not affect my normal writing harmony. There are a lot to write the stationmaster often wrote at 3 and 4 points, is torture, I generally go to bed at 1, no way, my girlfriend is tight. Here also remind you: write an article, but should pay attention to the body.

As for the

reproduced, many people feel easy to copy and paste directly on the line, but you have to be responsible for the readers to you, you need to reprint the screening, who have no value?? is suitable for your readers? Etc. all these need to be considered. So the reprint articles also need every day to see a large number of information, personally review, not quantity guarantee, reproduced quality will be limited, as the above said finishing resources itself is a hard work. For a sense of feeling, have realized, you need to be able to read to your readers to leave comments, time and energy consumption of a bit.

very tired?


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Love is what arch-criminal Shanghai caused a serious error

2 website is considered cheating, the reason is probably because of the accumulation of a large number of keywords, website optimization excessive, the snapshot is actually love Shanghai back on the website of the punishment;

especially in August 25th, according to the website ranking is undergoing great changes, mainly for small and medium-sized website ranking and weight reduction, but the inside pages of big website ranking improved. For the new website ranking has improved, but the collection is not ideal. In view of this change, the webmaster should also make appropriate changes. Recently I found that when browsing the web, love in Shanghai there is a very unusual phenomenon. This is the author in search of a website to promote the interface, as shown in figure


What is the cause of abnormal The release of Large scale


I personally think that the reason for this station, this phenomenon is mainly to analyze from two aspects: first, why the snapshot time back? The author thinks that the main reasons are as follows:

website construction, but click can normal open page into the site, while the snapshot update time actually returned in 2003, so I think this is really fantastic. So, what is the reason for this phenomenon? Love Shanghai as the largest search engine, not as common mistakes? In my previous understanding of love Shanghai update, believe that such change is certainly not groundless.

1 site changes, like the name of the web site or home page there are some or all of the changes;

5 Links website be punished lead to be involved. If the chain of Web site, may also lead to the website by the love of Shanghai to punish, snapshot back;

As for ?

when it comes to our website keyword optimization, usually attention to love Shanghai what time to update the snapshot, ranking Shanghai love change. According to the understanding of the author before love Shanghai, love Shanghai’s renewal activities every day, such as ranking, snapshot, included can be said always changing. The update activity love Shanghai, according to the observation and analysis of the past few months, when almost every week, probably Thursday in Shanghai love there will be a big update, the ranking will have obvious changes, the snapshot will be updated, included the situation will change, but said this day love is a big update day in Shanghai.

4 improper information. In fact most of all should be clear, the domestic information for improper supervision is very abhorrent, if you have this information, so serious will be forced to shut down, snapshot back may be just a warning;

3 website content quality is very poor, if the site is mostly pure adhesion copy, no original, it is also one of the reasons causing the snapshot back;


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The love of Shanghai at the end of October update count




, an abnormal site data in October 22nd

report: "jump beloved Shanghai users report page, here than before" love Shanghai complaints "is more formal, more detailed report. Figure:


love Shanghai before the beta "love Shanghai health" and "love Shanghai training" the end of the month at the start of large-scale application update. Previously the only part of keywords medical and training industry now expanded a lot of long tail keywords. Love Shanghai health all kinds of disease keywords flow interception, interception of hot love Shanghai training training industry flow. Figure: < >

love the search results page appears (collection, sharing, report)

How to:

Shanghai Longfeng exchange group began to speculate whether Shanghai love test the new algorithm, but the 23 day of the Shanghai dragon group of friends are back to normal data feedback.


three, Shanghai love graphic information show picture description.

: another search term is longer, more accurate search results will not show more pictures.

share: "love Shanghai share" drop-down bar, as shown in figure


this point if you usually do not pay attention to love Shanghai search results, it is difficult to observe the change of the. That is love Shanghai in search results show compared to the previous "graphic" Chinese characters more intuitive form, is directly in the description of the search results show pictures, as shown below:


October 22nd love Shanghai site data is abnormal, the scale of website site included a reduction of 90%, the management of "network" on the same day site data from 15000 to 1200 do not directly reduce to:

Two, Shanghai


four, "love Shanghai health", "Shanghai love education" large-scale show

update, love Shanghai search results snapshot after the date of adding an inverted triangle, drop "collection, sharing and reporting options. Xiaobian were tested, the following functions: (PS: Shanghai love their products will not be inverted triangle)

through network the station information multi test, and search results appear on other website articles in the same condition, to achieve this effect firstly to pictures, pictures and then to add the alt attribute, the alt attribute text and title consistent advice.

collection: collection and preservation position as "love Shanghai personal account center", "love Shanghai bottom of the home page navigation" figure:


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How to give the group purchase website optimization promotion

Why is

soft can give you >

chain extension is one of the important methods. Find the same group purchase website is a chain, it is best to find the high reputation of the station, long time station, user station. For a new group purchase station, we still can’t believe is really indispensable information, there will be a bit suspicious, friendly chain and well-known station, it can also improve the visibility of their station, let the user experience to a certain extent. At the same time, friends of the chain can bring to the site outside the chain, shoot two hawks with one arrow thing, Why not?.

fourth: the use of chain extension of

let your product information like a virus spread in everyone’s life circle, out of the promotion of viral promotion can generally be in the form of mail, users registered in the website of your membership, let him customized advertising mail, the daily mail in the form of group purchase information to send, a lot of people don’t have time to deal with your email, so these the mail is known as spam, but these messages for you is very useful, love online shopping people are concerned about the group purchase information every day, maybe he didn’t have time to see you today, but he has time to manage this mail, you can also pay attention to the station. With viral promotion also have to pay attention to, a group purchase information once more, it is garbage, every time for everyone to send product information must be clear, attach the product links, all these details can improve the user experience degrees.

the rapid development of the Internet era, everyone has become a fashion Master, you can buy things at home do not go out, then the group purchase website is also a lot to do group purchase website owners, should also be thinking about how to optimize the group purchase website, website optimization method or a lot, the webmaster, you learned that, again do those. Today is to talk about how to promote the group purchase website.

second: the use of viral promotion

A new

: the first use of micro-blog marketing

third: the use of group purchase navigation station

fifth: the use of soft Wen promotion

the first thought of micro-blog, now the fire should be even micro-blog, the micro-blog website to do publicity, micro-blog 140 words of space, enough for you to explain the characteristics of the product, and then add your pictures with, plus the topic is good publicity advantage products group purchase. In the face of micro-blog fans range is very wide, broadcast is very fast, the webmaster, you must learn to use the fresh things to promote their products. Xiao Bian also often are the basic sources of group purchase, see advertising on micro-blog, as a user, I feel micro-blog experience is very high.

group purchase station on the line, it is best to cooperate and group purchase navigation station, maybe this way would be a waste of money, but for a new sites, this way is worth it. Choose to submit their own station navigation station a few good, it is best to have a good ranking in the front page, submit a few more navigation station, the new station will have to raise awareness of it.


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Operation of local travel website if there is room for survival

a few days ago, I met a friend, talking about his wish to be a tourist site, my first feeling is not good to do. Why not? Because the front has been said, a lot of friends in the time of the exchange, there will be the first feeling like this, and I am the same, but after listening to the friends of the ideas, but I think this project is feasible, and can do. Don’t ask me why, I’ll detail below.

secondly, selection and optimization of timing and optimization. Optimal timing is important, if it is in an industry season start optimization, so sure you better optimization effect than the off-season, and for local island tourism, is the best time of 1-4 optimization, but a friend gave me the time is only a maximum of three months. For the optimization scheme, once well outside the chain can through the search engine of the world has ceased to exist, and the contents of TDK design, website building, and the drainage has become a priority among priorities.


I’m optimistic about this project because the project competitiveness is not very big, and the online optimization and promotion should be able to do it, even has a very powerful opponent.

first, I make friends with a local domain name to memory, and are closely related to their business projects. Hands just to have a domain name to him, including the.Cn domain name is to send him together. Anyway, the domain name in my hand is not too big, it will not play should be the place to play. The name literally meaning is easy to understand: Hi Dalian. There is a portal of taste, also has the meaning of Dalian sea, can let see or hear about this site, one can remember.

project is very important to choose. Many travel agencies, investors will travel as a very important sector to make money business, so the competitiveness is very large, and for the selection of projects, it is necessary to find the real starting point, to find that a very important point, not very competitive, also can do, can also have a lot of users, and tourism is closely linked, and my friend chose such a project: local island tourism projects.

here I mainly talk about the above mentioned important.

A few days ago

in stationmaster net above saw an article on the writing of local website survival problems, it is said that the local portal is BAT giant squeeze has not much space, even in the three new board listed, may also face the danger of being swallowed up. Today, I write an article on the local tourism website operation on the article, do not know whether you can help to face the crisis in the local site.

said the local tourism website, I see when we communicate with each other in many forums and web above, will say that it is difficult to optimize, hope can do. Is to encourage, are in wait-and-see, are in the exchange, and the real operation, and optimize the job, really little, I would write his own experience today.


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The new station choose the right keywords website ranking optimization effect is fast

, that is to say, when we do website optimization keywords, keywords can be divided into two sites, each site focused on 1 – 2, which is more targeted, in order to better meet the user search experience, will be your website on home page. This is a key strategy of website optimization, and its effect is very good. In some Adsense statistical tools, we can understand the keyword optimization, regional, user requirements, types are affecting the keywords web site keywords ranking.

do website ranking optimization selection is very important for keywords. Keywords the correct positioning of the site, when the optimization is very simple. The choice of keywords is love Shanghai Dennis main reference index and search volume data, so choose keywords to a proper extent can meet the needs of users, can also show very good website.

One thing

generally, many websites operated by the product or service is not single, so we can make full use of this, the key words to do apart. The part of the keyword search can know, in the search engine ranking good sites is a professional website, this website can most users demand groups determined to meet the industry. The website keyword more pan website, even able to climb the home position, in the short term will fall off, this is the rule of the search engine will show.


first, industry segments and geographical advantages, regional vocabulary.

keyword ranking position in fact with the degree of difficulty of Shanghai dragon ER technology and the related key words. The author Dennis in time for a new keyword, will choose those difficulty is not too large, generally get good ranking keywords will be one to three months. So in the short term can give site bring certain flow, pave the way for the overall optimization of the marketing website later, we can see that choosing the right keywords is the primary task of website ranking optimization.


how to choose keywords? Love Shanghai index is a good reference value, but more difficult to optimize more keywords index, the short term can not obtain results, but will make you feel very headache, The loss outweighs the gain. So what kind of positioning can make new good results for

second types, do targeted keywords.

we can deeply understand that, compared to the keywords, keywords region both in the user targeted or difficult to optimize are relatively easy. So when the choice of keywords for the new station, we may wish to choose some regional vocabulary, so you can quickly see the results. Of course, in the choice of the time is to have the general second tier city of more than three words absolute line city, so when selecting, must according to the industry itself, the appropriate choice of regional. Keywords regional specification and requirements of the user population, reference data also love Shanghai index and the latest hot demand recommended vocabulary.


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How to use the data analysis forum signature and the chain in the new algorithm, the effect of love

third: the use of program sites such as Web2.0 large mass links pointing to your site, as everyone knows, the program automatically in the forum post, the top post, the post signature is most common, so whether the algorithm update Forum >

November 5, 2012 love Shanghai web search anti cheat team announced that linked to the sale behavior reminder, selling links will also hit, notice that with the help of the link trading platform purchase and sale links hyperlink cheating site, will be a further blow. Among them, buy a lot of so-called high weight links have been identified and love Shanghai engine will no longer be trusted; at the same time, the sale of a large number of links to the site, regardless of the so-called big station station, will no longer be engine trust. And, the next period of time to buy and sell link to the site of attack.

?According to the Shanghai

Shanghai dragon thinking: how to use data analysis and forum signature chain in the new algorithm, the effect of

in Search ask the community to initiate the topic: the chain effect forum signature may be zero, what do you think of

love Shanghai

love issued 23 hyperlink algorithm to upgrade the money, to buy or sell the so-called can improve the weights of the website links; through the value of web page or site built cross wheel chain to create a large number of applications; machine sites such as Web2.0 large mass to your site by scanning the web site vulnerabilities in link; high quality site with no hidden links; exchange link recommendation meaning etc..

By Webmaster Platform released the official announcement

October 23, 2012 10:30 love Shanghai web search anti cheating team in Shanghai love Webmaster Platform released < < super chain cheating algorithm upgrade > > after the announcement, the love of Shanghai system upgrade, the main object of attack for the intention of manipulating sites in Shanghai love search results ranking behavior by hyperlinks to cheat the way. Among them, including any point to your site links or derived from your link to deliberate manipulation. This algorithm updates will affect the search keywords on the 3%~4%.


Shanghai dragon master teacher Cardiff

2012 08 month 22 days, in order to improve the user experience and content of low quality garbage collection, the love of Shanghai at the end of June will be based on the algorithm of anti cheating upgrade again, for the elimination of a large number of low quality and no content site. And fight random collection, hyperlinks, cheating accumulation keywords, posing as the official website, seriously affect the user experience and a large number of illegal or fraudulent phishing site content.

October 30, 2012 love Shanghai Webmaster Platform chain tool beta version officially launched today, love Shanghai web search launched for the first time outside the chain of tools, provide a link to the website of the domain, the domain link URL detailed information and search website is the link to more information page display and download function.


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These 404 page details if you do not pay attention to will make the website Game Over

if your website on the page does not exist, not to return to the 404 code, and return is 200 status code. So, can let a search engine that has a large number of duplicate content on your web site. For example, a number of URL returned to normal page, but the page content of the same. So, pay attention to the webmaster here. A5 marketing to the customer at the site many such details found to Shanghai dragon in diagnosis and may more sites also have problems, but the owners do not know it.

maybe some not too good at the web site of the Shanghai dragon or some knowledge of lack, cause operational errors in the 404 page. But long time accumulation may put the site to the cliff ", eventually causing irreparable disaster, for example: the site is down right, love Shanghai website weight is not stable, a serious decline in ranking and so on. So, some of the details of Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis client website, A5 marketing today and you talk in detail about today, I hope this article can help to some webmaster need help.

, when the page does not exist, must return to 404 code

first, when the page does not exist, must return to 404 code. A5 marketing in Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis to the customer site, found to have problems in setting up many web servers, may be some webmaster do not know the server settings, resulting in each status code returned is 200, and some Adsense deliberately in the page does not exist is to return a 200, if the returned information is in this case, it is normal that the page data. Just imagine: if you have the coffin of the dead, people can hear outside the coffin in breathing, just think of all with hair standing on end. Of course, this is a metaphor, but appeared in the Hongkong movie, is generally not found.



note: This article is not suitable for the so-called God, only suitable for not good at Shanghai Longfeng webmaster, also please God from the land of

two, when the page does not exist, do not return any code to

Objective: About 404 error page website, may for the webmaster, already belongs to the most common "homely food", and online everywhere there is article or tutorial on the 404 error page. So, today A5 marketing why again it? The reason is very simple: A5 marketing to the customer at the site of Shanghai dragon in the diagnosis process, found that many sites there are some problems in the optimization of the 404 error page, and the seriousness of the problem of great.

then, when the page does not exist, do not return to any code. A5 marketing is the most seen this kind of situation, many webmaster used to not exist 301 directly to the home page to page. In fact, I also wonder why not take things that do not exist page Webmaster Tools > the death of love Shanghai


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Links construction of the enemy can ever victorious


(2) carefully check each other Links is called using JS output

(1) they need to know what type of friends station

each other

(2) know how their website

2. include

and other exchange website links when we have to look at it, because now love Shanghai for friends of the chain adjustment algorithm, punished, the site itself will have joint action, the weights will be decreased, so the enemy can. So, should from which aspects to understand each other’s

website as well as an important part of the promotion, and Links is a method often used, simple, fast and stable, so we regard this method as the most important means of the construction of the chain, but what have skills, that is such a seemingly simple exchange chain we also need to practice some aspects need to pay attention to pay attention, the little to share with you my own in this aspect of some experience.

webmaster all know is JS is Javascript and Jscript, is a more popular web scripting language, but the search engine is not cold on this, if you find each other is j>

when we site early strength and visibility is certainly not ideal, this is the time to choose some well-known sites, are very likely not on, even with the famous website, a chain is usually about 50, of no use at all. When a clear understanding of this, we can choose some of the weight and his almost or a little lower than their own site links, because such website snapshot is normal, but the chain is relatively small, we can ensure that between the friends of the chain have a certain effect.


(1) examined the outbound links number


in everyone’s subconscious, it is better to link. In fact, the idea itself is wrong, in the sea of the new algorithm in the explicit representation of the love, for outbound links too many sites will conduct a certain punishment, not only will not increase the weight, but will be affected. So when the exchange Links and each other, we must first check each other’s Links, generally within 30, a maximum of not more than 40.

exchange chain, and not the weight of each other better, in fact, this and our Links Never mind, the key is the best is the same type of website, for example, said he is the apparel industry, and the other is the tourism industry, have no relevance, will be their website links too miscellaneous, because users of our website in the browser, they hope in at the bottom of the site will have the same Links available from the side, the chain can also exchange peer indirect growth "user experience".

website? The chain construction is


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